Monday, July 30, 2007

knit, really, with snot, but not for you, unless you are Beth

Finally, some knitting! Not completed knitting, or probably to gauge knitting or to fit knitting, but some knitting. Sorry Beth, it was also knit by me, so the love factor was low but it was filled with snot. Where else can you get a hand knit snot filled one of a kind gift? No where I tell you!
Oh, I might also add that Beth will always be plagued by the lingering smell of onions when she wears this lovely tank. Didn't you spend your weekend chopping 50 pounds onions?
Quick side note, that is the same pot and same stove. I have to stand on a milk crate to reach to stir. I told you the Ogre is, an Ogre.

You didn't chop onions this weekend? Aren't you getting ready for your local County Fair Food Tent? You know raising money for community good service works and such? Don't tell me you weren't making food in an approved kitchen this weekend, but in your own substandard, unfit for human consumption kitchen. Really, what can I say, our main cook is an Ogre.
So, we made chili and sloppy joes, and there was a whole work crew there, it wasn't just the Ogre and I. The pigs were running around with cousins and it was a whole thing.
Sunday, we took the day off to rest and go see the Simpson's Movie. Which was totally fun and well worth the $1 million it takes to get Team B into a movie theatre. The Ogre, although not opposed to killing Zombies, will not pay for 1/2 the family and then sneak the other 1/2 in through the exit. He says it's the same as "stealing." I thought it was like having a coupon, and it was in the spirit of Homer Simpson himself. But the movie is all about saving the environment, so bring in your own snacks and remember to recycle your soda cans (get the deposit for states that have an awesome deposit progam-all states should adopt that!!sorry fell off track there)
I like my onion hands. It's a summer right of passage. It reminds me of my good deeds. It also amazes me that with the crazy, paranoid anti germ amount of handwashing I do, I still have the lingering odor of onions. Onion vs epidermis day 3, onion wins! Awesome.
Don't worry, we're going to build some sandcastles today and the sand will work away a layer or two of both skin and onion, so Beth's tank top shouldn't pick up anymore onion odor. I don't know, I cut a lot of onions.


Carina said...

I'm always amazed at the massive cooking you guys do for Grange. That's a lot of onions for a lot of sloppy joes.

Puts my puny canning stuff to shame. Wait 'til my tomatoes come in, though. No, wait, you'd still win.

Jen said...

Rub your hands on anything stainless steel (a faucet works well) - it will get rid of the onion smell (works for garlic too!)

Holly Bee said...

I made chili too! That was the last pot when I was allowed some messin' around time. We had like 4 giant vats o' slop going and people stirring, and other people slicing. It was a whole assembly line thing. Mr Ford would have been proud.

Tracey said...

Lemon juice will get rid of the onion smell too....