Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Kevin Bacon Wishes he knew Snot and Detroit


Matt of Detroit Leaning is separated from me by waaaay less than 6 degrees, and actually Kevin Bacon isn't even in the mix.

His dad, and my dad, are, drum roll please....unnaturally creepy twin brothers. I think my dad's the evil one. He's at least the short one.

Look at his fine, fine, bio photo and see if you don't notice the super snarky air of resemblance.

I should have really made this a challenge and actually used Kristin Knits who is engaged to Mr Church and made it a whole family knit thing. Oooooh, Matt knits too. He's super awesome.


Jen said...

I love your blog - it's hilarious!

Holly Bee said...

Ah, thank you, thank you! Here at the house of Pigs, Ogres and Snot, we aim to please, and make you giggle and occasionally give out knit tips, or environment tips, or well, snarky, but well meant advice, or just the plain honest truth.

Speaking of plain honest truth...My skirt was tucked into my undies while walking through a parking lot last weekend and no one bothered to tell me. Ugh. Glad I had on a nice pair.

kristinknits said...

Thanks for the mention! : )

Uncle Marty is the Bees Knees

Matt Church said...

Take that, Kevin Bacon!

Twins! Twins!