Friday, July 06, 2007

I have High Triglycerides and New Shoes

Look new shoes! Very fancy. On sale. Yarn money.
Not rum. Water, yummmy, yummy water.
Here with the pigs, at the pizza place, just hours before I found out I have high triglycerides. I was also told by my Dr not to eat so many carbs. Which I am not so sure as to what "carbs" actually are because everything got so distorted by the whole Atkins diet thing.

I for one think that cutting out any one whole complete entire food group is wrong. Wait, I don't eat meat. Uh, and I frown on dairy unless it's in the form of ice cream. Whatever. Bread is good for me. Especially if it's whole grain and made by the awesome people at Great Harvest Bread Company.

The Ogre said my main problem was that I bike for cake and chase the ice cream man. I was all "but that's how I exercise."

He was like "yeah, that's the problem, evil white sugar. Didn't you used to live in your car and swear off evil white sugar and processed food, hippie chick?"

That's all true. Except my friend Shanda worked at the coffee shop and kept me in a constant state of caffeinated mocha sugar bliss that helped me block out how stinking dirty I was. She also made wicked good mocha shakes, if I would clean the blender. Which I did a lot.

Anyway, new shoes and motivation to be a better vegetarian.


Carina said...

Doctor told me to cut down on carbs, too, and salt. Maybe we should join in a pact so you do it first and post it first while I dither around on another project, just like the Tuscany shawl. *giggle* Oh, and I have work out 20 min. every day. Yeah, that's not going great.

I love the new shoes, though. They're super cute!

Holly Bee said...

So, we no longer eat junk? What's left to eat? Damn radishes?

They are super cute shoes.

Ah, I rode my bike! It took a half hour to prepare for my half hour of extreme slow peddling.

Anonymous said...

Complex carbohydrates from Great Harvest are your friend! Balance and moderation are your allies! You've got it figured out...

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh...I want the shoes.

On another note...where would you recommend a person take a beginning knitting class?