Thursday, July 05, 2007

Home Grange Fourth of July Parade, oh, and Horses

Here the pigs are, lining up for the Home Grange #129 Fourth of July Parade. This is an annual Event that began years ago with like 10 people, in the rain, well, I know I could score a photo because Grandpa has a sweet photo. But I'd have to ask for it, then scan it and up load it, and then do it right, and then it would be like December, and, maybe he will burn me a cd copy, hint, hint...anyway...
This year was gi-normus and if you needed to get down the road we were parading, you would have had to circumvent because it was officially shut down at both ends by police and fire trucks.
Here you see our lovely parade marshalls John and Eunice. They were in a very nice horse drawn carriage. Which was followed by a whole bunch of pretty horses that the kids had painted, and braided the horses manes and tails.

Oh, I asked one of the Ogre's human cousins who paints her horse about the horse painting. It is regular acrylic water washable craft paint that is used on the horses. For some reason I had some major animal rights concerns about that. Whatever bacon eating, worst vegetarian ever, right?

It's kind of unclear to me, but I know Grandpa rides his bike, and some times roller blades, and then there are the official Grange Flag carriers, and a United States Flag carrier, and then the Grand Marshalls, then the horses, then the horse crap, then the kids on bikes. Always in that order. Horse crap, then the kids on bikes. Then me. I usually go with bike with kids in trailer, or walk with kids in trailer. But either way, there is always horse crap in front of me.
Here we are letting other kids blaze through the horse crap for us. I get that it's a rural parade and people like horses more than they like kids, but really, we should get some sort of bonus points for dodging road apples. Oh, and yes, I agree that my pigs are too old to have training wheels. I myself fought with Marty at the ripe old age of 3 to have my training wheels removed. But these pigs take after the Ogre, apparently, speed kills.

Surly, not waving, and not so much a fan of the fire truck behind him. Did you know that fire trucks can pump out disco tunes with that siren?!!! It's totally true. Burly, and musically gifted, they really are a good catch.

Auntie K and half of Auntie J. Sorry Auntie J, having a hard time with photos today.

Again, parade goers. Should you really take photos while walking and dragging a wagon and supervising pigs riding bikes through a mine field of horse poo?

Ooooh, on to knitting. The sock. Yes, not done. But you may note, that I am not wearing the Patriotic outfit of choice, the standard Red, White and Blue. I chose the Ben Franklin outfit of Rebellion. No, I didn't fly to France and get frisky with the ladies. I was wearing my hand knit (with much snot) hemp stripes go round t from Hemp for knitting. Haha! So there. That's all I got.

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Anonymous said...

okay, that pic of me...not so good lol but otherwise! Yay, fun 4th pics!