Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter Weekend-No spoilers from Snot and CO.

Oh, we got it all right. Totally rockin' night! So much fun Pig 1 barfed. Really. No sky barf though. He now sleeps with a barf bowl. I let the Ogre help the pig because, well, frankly, I was beat down tired. Not from staying up till the wee hours waiting in lines, being chased by Dementors, and meeting some of the Order, just from relief. We had the book, the first part of waiting was over.

Did I mention I met Mad-Eye? Friendly Bloke.

Pig 1 made a wand. I was sorted into Slytherin. Nice eh? Actually, Pig 1 was sorted into Slyterthin, refused to take it, gave it to me while I was sorted into...Ravenclaw (haha!) and then made me swap him.

Marty, with his mental powers knew I was in mental anguish this afternoon and called me. I took the phone from the Ogre and was all "WHAT DO YOU WANT!!!! I HAVE LIKE 10 PAGES TO GOOOOOOO!!!!!! BUGGGER OFFF!!"

Do not take the phrase mental anguish as one thing or another or any clue or any spoiler. I was frustrated with myself because I chose to actually shower and leave the house yesterday and see other humans thus letting the Ogre get 4 hours of reading ahead of me. Yep, everyone's favorite Ogre knew all the stuff before me. He was so awesome and didn't let anything slip, or submit to any of my begging for info.

So I had a Harry Potter water drinking and string cheese eating marathon once I got home. No rest for the wicked!!! I was very happy for my new Camelback sippy cup for grown ups. Otherwise I would be all dehydrated.

Other coolness from leaving the house...I saw 3 people (grown ups) reading HP in their yards in the lovely Saturday sunshine. Literacy rules.

Also, we now own 3 copies of HP 7 and we will be donating 1 to our elementary school, and one to the local library...and keeping one for us. So, there.


Carina said...

Ooh, that was smart, getting that many copies. Were yours messed up? In ours, there's a section where all the pages are upside down and backwards. David and I are keeping it--it's just too cool.

Great, great ending.

Holly Bee said...

Please note that Carina saying "Great, great ending" is not endorsed by those of use at Knit by Snot for You.

We here are not taking a stand. The ending is neither good nor bad, it is just the ending.

Thank you,
The Management

Sorry, personal request from my friend Sarah, self dubbed slow reader. The Ogre and I take no stand, it is just an ending. Until of course Sarah is done. No, it's too personal. I will never speak of it. Bits maybe, favorite parts...

Matt Church said...

YAY for the sippy cup for grown ups!