Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Harry Potter movie is Knitter-ific!!!

Ok the movie was super fun!!! Yes, yes, they had to change stuff to get a super long, great, wonderful, detailed book to fit into a 2 hour and 18 minute movie, get over it.

Knitwise, many, many fun waiting to be duplicated knits. All house scarves seem to be in deeper shades. Especially Hufflepuff. The yellow is no longer bumblebee yellow, it's practically tan. Gryffindor, is almost brown and yellow! I tell ya, dark subjects lead to dark knit colors.

Hermione wears a v neck Gryffindor house color sweater in at least two scenes. It's probably dk weight yarn with 20 rows scarlet then 3 rows yellow. Very nice. Weasley twins sport nice sweaters through out, esp like cardigans when they first show off their fireworks.

Luna has the cutest crochet baby blue caplet! Wow, I am an ultralord level dork.

Best knit may be the vest Ginny wears in the blah, blah, we have each other ending. Bulky weight vest with big cable on front. It's hard to see. But appears to be very awesome.

Did I mention the movie was good? Full of knitting? Crap, I have to go work on my socks.


Anonymous said...

Incredible, Holly, I've never read a knitting review of a movie.
That's unique. Nice job!

Holly Bee said...

Hey, thanks Dad! I would have gone into more knit/movie detail but I already felt like such a dork!

I also knew that I could have spent some time and looked for press photos, but the Ogre was already getting pissed that I was blogging a knit movie review and he was putting the pigs to bed.

Melissa said...

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! And your previous commenter is so right... a knitting review of a movie. :) You could spend more time doing that! It's what us obsessive creative people are like. Whenever I see a top or a bag my mind is spinning madly with details about how it's made or whatever. We will read the reviews! ;)

Holly Bee said...

Oh, I would totally love to do knit reviews of movies!! I would do it for almost free...I just need someone to support my giant popcorn, milk dud, and tub o' soda habit. It's like $20. Worth every fake buttery penny.

Mrs. H said...

We saw the movie Thursday and OMGosh it was excellent! And I spent a lot of time admiring the knits in it, too. It put me in the mood to knit as many things out of Charmed Knits as possible. hehe