Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter Day

Ok, it's 8:30 am, we leave at 9 am for swim class, the pigs are in a bad array of dress to be leaving soon, noodles are cooking for the Ogre's comfort dinner of Tuna Noodle Casserole (eeewwww) and here is our schedule for the day.

1. Amy Lynn-I have set out my pink birks, stripey knee socks, a floral pleated skirt, a t shirt, and possibly a bright pink sweater. None of which matches at all. This is all if Pig 1 will let me out of the house wearing it all and being seen with him. The Ogre suggested a sombrero. Which is too large for comfy wear in our local B&N. Maybe train hat.

2. Swim class.

3. Barnes and Noble-wrist bands

4. lunch for pigs, uh, breakfast for me should be eaten by me before #4

5. Zoo

6. Drop off stuff at Goodwill

7. Drop off stuff for Silent auction for Battle Creek Relay for Life

If you are in the Battle Creek, MI area killing time waiting for the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, head over to the Calhoun County Fair Grounds. It's just a hop skip and a broomstick ride away. This is an all night long event with a Silent Auction. Super awesome. Good Cause-Go!

8. Finish making dinner

9. Probably help someone cross a street, or give directions, or help a lost child. Really, I look helpful with the new haircut, and the three pigs. Really, you want help from me?

10. Change clothes, leave with Pig 1 and WAIT.


Carina said...

Man. Waiting sucks. Today's going to be hard.

dee's brother said...

Holy cow...I'm glad I don't know how to read. All this hype for a book!

Amy Lynn said...

Have fun tonight! The anticipation for ANY clock to strike midnight is almost uncontrollable here!!

Thank you for the insight! I've got my 1 year old's swim arm-floaties ready to pair with my silver strappy heels and a sundress, topped off by my bicycle helmut! ; )

Mrs. H said...

Didja get it, didja read any of it yet, is it good? Squee! Harry Potter ROCKS!

I just had to get that out of my system...