Monday, July 09, 2007

Gryffindor SOCKS Finished!!! Where to learn to knit...

Well, the socks were completed last night. They would have been completed yesterday afternoon, but with all of pig 3's jibber jabbering, I kitchnered the toes the wrong way and since pig 1's toes don't stack, I thought he'd be more comfy with them the right way.

As for where to learn to knit. I had this whole clever thing thought out, but when the temperature gets our a certain degree, I lose my internet connection. Thank you Comcast! We are switching to AT&T later this week.

So here is the quick, not as witty version on where to take a how to knit class.

If you live in the Kalamazoo Area:

Handweavers Inspiring Yarn Shop The people there are super nice, they won't yell at you, or tell you what you are doing is wrong. Did I mention they won't yell at you? They won't rip on the yarn your beloved Nana uses either.

If you want someone to ignore you and tell you that you are stupid, go to Stitching Memories. Find your own link, I hate them, and won't send you there. If you go there and they are mean to you, I warned you.

If you just want the basics of how to knit, you could try somewhere like Michael's. They always have a basics class. It will get you started.

There are also classes offered at local art centers like the Battle Creek Art Center and I believe the KIA.

If you are closer to the Lansing area, please for the love of whatever you hold holy, go to Threadbear!! They have more yarn than I have every seen in one place outside of a convention or fiber festival.

I don't know if their teachers would be nice if the class wasn't actually taught by one of the owners. I saw one lady sock teacher and she was nasty. In the 'you will hold the needles like so or you will get the boot' sort of way. But maybe it was a whole thing they were doing and I was just woozy with yarn lust and didn't get it.

If you need more ideas, you may also check with Carina at she's an actual knitting teacher!! I have connections. She may be able to set something up with you if you are local. Local to me, I am sure you are local to yourself.

So, Handweavers, or Carina. Not me, I'll take the needles out of your hands or gasp at you or roll my eyes or walk away in despair.

Ask Pig 1. Ask PK, I am a nightmare. Like a weird mix of both needing to know how exactly how something works, but often too lazy to actually do anything about it. You really don't want to get mixed up with that.

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Carina said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Sure, I could work something out. I'm probably going to do beginning knitting this fall at the Art Center, too. That, and beginning spinning.