Friday, July 27, 2007

Did you know it's almost August? and Michigan Fiber Fest

Sometime ago normal people started keeping track of the stars, and noting the changing of the seasons and keeping track of time and then writing stuff down, and eventually having calendars and then palm pilots and phones with reminders and even personal assistants. Shockingly even with modern conviences at my disposal, I am still mulling over the fact that we haven't used up all of our July 4th sparklers. Kids, burning metal, running around in the dark brilliant! The whole thing stresses me out. Anyway, this all leads to July's almost done, if I knew where my planner was I would know today's date and I could tell you how many days until...

The whatever Annual Michigan Fiber Fest! (August 18-19 2007)

For those of you that don't have a personal assistant, that's a Saturday and Sunday(found planner in backpack, handy spot for it really, should keep it there more often). I will be in attendance on the 18th (That's Saturday).

Anyone who wants to beat me up for saying you are mean and your sales clerks are nasty, think about your store's reputation first. Because if I am assualted, I will...

1. Let you beat me
2. Call the police
3. Sell the story to the British Tabloids

I usually try to get there early, take an allergy pill, dress in layers, wear something I have knitted, wear tennis shoes (sheep poo), bring an extra bag (large), bring no kids, bring a bottle of water, bring an extra check, bring a healthy snack, bring no kids, bring extra cash, tell the Ogre I am not buying anything, have a list, have a plan, tell Ogre I am not coming home until 7 pm.

Run into Marty, run into Mel, say Hi to a bunch of ladies I think are Alice, walk by Alice and not say Hi, then really say Hi to her. Get confused when I see Mel and Marty together, it's a whole family sheep, twin confused thing that happens.

SO, this year, I am going to....not buy anything, wear my birks, bring no large bag, no cash, and panhandle for money and see what happens.


Carina said...

Whoooo! Fiber Fest! Whoooo!

Hey, there's a Knitty meetup at noon at the Band Boosters' lunch thingy.

Anonymous said...

whoo hoo! Watch out for the mean lady with the monkey!

Melissa said...

LOL! Fiber fest!? I've never heard of one but it sounds so cool! You're lucky to be out without the kiddos! Mine aren't old enough yet, and even when they are I will probably feel so incomplete without them attached to my hips I wouldn't enjoy myself. Awful.
Take money! :D

Matt Church said...

Keep an eye out for Matt and Kristin as well! We're planning to be at the FEST on Saturday!

Anonymous said...

You'll spend money....begging may help

trixie stix said...

I am trying to negotiate a trip on Saturday so I can experience the thrill of loosing all my extra cash for yarn. Very excited to go.