Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Day at the Beach, and future phone drama

To those of you (Marty, the Ogre, myself) who said taking 3 Pigs to the beach alone is madness, pure madness I give you 3 pigs at the beach. Ok, you can only see 2 Pigs at the beach. You can assume all you want that the 3rd Pig is unsupervised in the water close to drowning, but you would be wrong. He was just to the right of the Pig in the yellow floral swim trunks there. He was just too happy putting sand down his own pants to move in for a photo.

Also, this photo was brought to you by picture phone, and it's zoom and photo capacity is not all that I am used to. I will probably also be whining like a teenager if the Ogre finds out how expensive my "sweet new phone" ends up being. Because although alltel let him keep my old $35 a month calling plan, my new phone has all these new things...camera! texting! internet! ringtones! a clock! Still, I feel it was well worth the, uh, future drama to have photographic proof of our beach fun.

So we were at the Van Buren State Park. I would like to thank Jen for the tip. We usually just go to the beach in South Haven, but I like supporting the State Park system, and I haven't been to this park in a loooooong time. Like since high school, like since I went with Sarah, on a Sunday, after doing our PAPER ROUTE!!! Actually, that means it was the summer before high school. Anyway, it was a long time ago.

But the thing I forgot about, that I remembered as soon as we were parking the Team B mobile. Yes, we were wearing our Team B shirts (it was an official outing). The beach is right next to the Palisades Power Plant.

Am I swimming in warm water because it's July, or because Nuclear waste water is sneaking out? Sorry friends, this question has plagued me since I was a kid and I think that's why PK stopped taking us swimming at that beach. I have always been a nagging pain in the heinie.

But to try and keep the insanity to myself, I didn't mention it to the pigs, they didn't ask, and we had a Nuclear free afternoon of fun. When we got home it was all decontamination showers and containment procedures.

Knitting: The tank is now a bit of ribbing, oh, she'll like it, and some, eh, well, it's some ribbing. Also, Beth, if you hate this, or it doesn't fit, there are plenty of orhans in the world that I am sure would really like a hand knit made of hemp tank top. So, no worries here.

Next Family Adventure...Camping? Nature Center? Henry Ford Museum? I am running out of ways to avoid cleaning the house here people! Ideas...


Anonymous said...

whatever you do, if it's in the morning time (or anytime on Tues or Fri), invite my bored hienie! lol I miss you guys!
auntie k

Jen said...

I'm so jealous! I haven't been to the beach in forever!

Carina said...

Us on Thursday! Should we meet at Jungle Joes and then take the kids to Erbelli's? Maybe we should do the mall and the food court because it'll be so blessed hot?

trixie stix said...

I think you were safe swimming there. If you glow in the dark later, then you have trouble. :-)

Glad you had fun!