Tuesday, July 03, 2007

berry picking, alive, tired, no rest for the wicked

Here we are, two minutes into blueberry picking. Look, fun! Adventure!

This is what Pig 3 did for the entire 3 hours of Blueberry picking torture. I mean, fun! adventure!

I asked the boys to pretend they were having fun. Harry was having a rest. He picked probably 3 of the 11 pounds of actual non consumed blueberries. Owen was an eating machine. I ate blueberries until the sight of them was making me gag, and we picked for an hour after that.

Cy was having a time out after running away in this photo. Like really running away. Trying to find the nearest McDonald's running away. He walked into that field declaring his dislike for blueberries, and he walked out of that field of the same opinion. He doesn't like blueberries, he likes blueberry pie, not stupid blueberries.

Speaking of stupid. These socks are killing me. Actually, it's me that's killing me. Or summer that's killing me. I am trying so hard to wear the pigs out. The zoo, the park, blueberry picking, walks, blah, blah, blah....

I was so tired that I was knitting, watching some random baseball with the Ogre and then all I remember is that Posada was up at bat, and that I was enjoying his name, Po-saaaa-da, and wishing he was just a little cuter, and that his ear didn't look so big in his batter's helmet
and I messed up the Gryffin sock heel, refused to ripped it out because, well, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix comes out on the 11th which is in like 8 days, and the book is in like a few after that. Hello, socks must be done!!!! There is no time for frogging!!!!!! And then went to bed. The pigs, alas, were not worn out.

(I was also planning on making a super awesome pair of Ravenclaw socks using the On Your Toes pattern from the summer issue of Interweave Knits. Ugggh. I am going to blame it all on the new Dead Bird Flavor Diet Coke and my new lack of Caffeine.)

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Matt Church said...

Fun times! Good that you're exposing them to such experiences--they'll enjoy it before too long. Thanks for sharing your pictures.