Monday, July 02, 2007

Berry Pickin' Fools

I think they may actually be sick of us at the zoo, so...

We're going out to pick some berries. In theory to bring home and have the Ogre make into delicious pies, jams, and well, other things that are too complex for me. Luckily, besides just having U-pick (and gorge yourself) they also have pre-picked boxes.

My brain is also trying to turn on me. It took me until I was 26 to discover that my thing was knitting. Yesterday, I woke up to my brain saying "I gotta go golfing." I don't golf, I don't need a new, money spending, 'ooh, the golf store is going out of business I need new clubs' hobby. The extra weird part was that it was in Christopher Walken's voice. From the Saturday Night Live skit I gotta have more cowbell.

Very bad sign. I am either possessed by Christopher Walken, who really wants to golf, or I am telepathically picking up the thoughts of the people driving by our house. Really, as far as developing a power goes, I'd much rather have the power to levitate, or teleport, or, well, even hair with body.

Then to finish the day, as I was falling asleep, I thought, "I should sew something."

Also, go read Detroit Leaning, then report back here and see if you can figure out our 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. No Cheating Marty.


Mrs. H said...

Christopher Walkin drove by your house and you could hear his thoughts? Cooooooooooool! *grinnin'*

Carina said...

Well, I touched Tom Cruise's old car, and he was in that military law movie with Kevin Bacon, so you're only three degrees away. :-)

Matt Church said...

Thank you, thank you!

I want Christopher Walken's voice stuck in my head!

Denise said...

Golf and knitting are perfectly complementary: both require an assortment of sticks and balls. Also mysterious accessories. And if you are a very good knitter and a poor golfer, like me, you can do both at the same time. PS, your blog is fun.

kristinknits said...

I know the 6 degrees ... so I won't comment on that! : )

Matt & I were just talking about berry picking. I love U-Pick!