Monday, July 23, 2007

All Photos, No Spoilers or All Potter, No Knitting

This is at 5:20 pm on Friday. You care right? We were all fresh and excited. I was actually a little barfy feeling and nervous. I needed to know what was going to happen to all my dear sweet friends.
Pig 1 and I were supposed to meet our friend John at 6:30 at Bilbo's for Pizza and waiting, but we were still in the sports section with Mad-Eye waiting for our wrist bands...not the book, the wrist bands. John did arrive to take our order, and went back to Bilbo's to bravely drink beer.
Along with the Patronus Charm camera flashes scare off Dementors, not long lines, but camera flashes.
This is John, with Pig 1. This was post bread sticks, pizza, beer, (root beer for the pig) dessert, slap happy in the parking lot, a Presidents trivia book (pig) a battle vs good and evil (me) I don't know what side I was on, but I won and now this is the pre midnight snack that probably made the Pig barf. Butterbeer and sugar cookies don't mix.
Eating where food will never be allowed by Angry Bob in Portage Barnes & Noble again. That guy is my size, big on safety and possibly the most frightening person I have ever met. He talks, I freaking listen.

Look at me, the most Happiest Girl in the World!!! For some reason, no one got a picture of my darn knee socks!!! They really made the outfit. Without them, the whole out fit matched fine, the socks though.
So when you see me in the bright outfit in the future, it's my Hats Off to Harry Potter. Or Outfit On to Harry Potter Day.
If I was Saluting Ron it would be Panties Off to Ron Day. Yes, I feel dirty writing that. But you know, if's just right and you know it.


Anonymous said...

Kudos to Barnes and Noble for the great HP party and costumes! Wonderful pics of You, John and Pig1.
July 31st!!!!

Carina said...

Those costumes look great! I wish I'd been so creative and fun with my kids. Instead, I put them to bed and stayed up to see if David could get a copy (he couldn't--super long line that he didn't want to wait in). We got it the next morning like the fuddy-duddies we are.

Mrs. H said...

Awesome pics! Wish I coulda gone to something like that. But I am lazy and get very grumpy if I miss my sleep. heh

Glad you and Pig1 had a good time. He'll remember this when he's grown and you will always be a rockin' mom. :)

Holly Bee said...

Sometimes being 'that crazy lady' has it's perks!!

Thanks again for all the love! If it's crazy that you seek, look around you. Or check with your friendly snotty knitter and fam.

Ah, can't wait for Harry Potter's Birthday Party! We're throwing him a party. I don't think I can make a snitch cake, but I am pretty darn good at purchasing ice cream cakes. I know he'd approve.

kristinknits said...

BILBOs! YUM! That brings back fond memories of E. Lansing. Matt & I need to visit to KZoo location on our next visit. Those bread sticks with the dill sauce are TASTY!!!!