Saturday, June 30, 2007

You like me? You really like me!

Look! Look! Mrs. H said I was a Rockin' Girl Blogger! She even wrote this sweet review of Knit with Snot on her blog I Like Yarn (which is fun to read, and full of socks and lately caves.)

"Holly Bee at Knit With Snot For You... Who could resist a blog with a title like this? Not only is she a talented knitter, she literally makes me shoot any liquid I'm drinking at the time shoot from my nose. The hilarity never ends! The daily posts about life with her Ogre and their pigs keep me in stitches. Which is a good thing for a knitter. She's a rockin' mom as well as a rockin' girl blogger and never afraid to speak her mind. A truly excellent combination!"

Sadly, I can't do this up proper right now. The Ogre is in a full on snit over the state of laundry. Yes, laundry. That's his job, and if he lets it over flow, everyone suffers, and looks wrinkley.

The Ogre is also worked up because I happened into a yarn shop (gasp!) and spent money (under $50). This all happened on the same day that the postcard I sent from Epcot arrived saying..."Save money, go on yarn diet, Polynesian Dec 2009." Bad timing. But really, how often do yarn shops go out of business? Ok, once every two years around here, which really is not a good omen for the two left in town. But screw Stitching Memories, they aren't nice.

Anyway, back to making the Ogre angry(er). I got the low down from Bec (thanks!!) that Saturday was In Sheeps Clothing's last day. Then, I went to the zoo with Carina yesterday, and she was all, "they have hempathy, and you know you love it and you need it and it's 30% off."

So after the zoo the pigs and I marched in, picked out 3 skeins of dark blue to go with the other random skeins I have at home. At the counter the lady was all garage sale and said "I'll give'em to you for half off." The pigs and I ran back to the wall of hemp and started grabbing colors. I walked out of there spending less than $50 and holding 14 skeins. I almost cried.

We then took over Marshall with a celebratory march down the main strip to Louis' for donuts.

I even got whistled at by youths with apparent bad judgement. Or low standards. Or I look easy with the three kids. Either way, it was sunny out, the temp was perfect, my pigs were having fun looking at the classic cars that were out cruising. Oh, and I had a frosting topped cookie.

With all that lovely, the Ogre being ogre-y just makes me laugh inside. He doesn't get it. The journey is the destination. Everytime I look at that yarn I am going to remember a fun day at the zoo with Carina and her kids, a yarn shop full of memories of yarn for baby blankets for the pigs, yarn for my green cardi with money from Grma Church and of Meemaw. I will also remember the day as an almost perfect time in Marshall with the pigs. The pigs don't always make for perfect memories. Usually there's a lot more snot involved.


Carina said...

She marked it down even further?! Darnit, I should've gone with you. Humph.

Nope. He doesn't get it. That yarn is loverly, and you can't get it cheaper than that.

Holly Bee said...

I know! It was sooo awesome!!! I have so much of it now :)

This works out for the Fiber Fest too. Now I can go, not buy yarn, but look for a Lavold book to use my pretty, pretty yarn with!

Ok, lot's of!!!! in this comment :)

Bec said...

OK. I am so kicking myself for not going. We have a lot of stuff going on. Baseball tourney and daughter with a medical thing. My husband told me "Go. Just go. You need a break." Did I listen? No. I worked on a freakin' paper that I could not focus on. HOWEVER, I am so happy that you got some good stuff and had a great time in Marshall. Sometime go in the evening and you and the pigs can see the fountain light up.

Holly Bee said...

Oh Bec! I am sorry you were so crazy busy, and that you missed the closing sale :( I hope things have settled down for you!

We love Marshall. The Ogre and I actually got married there! We have photos of us infront of the fountain!

I haven't seen the lights in soooo long! I'm going to have to write that on my summer fun with the pigs list!