Friday, June 29, 2007

You can Sleep there too

If you've ever been to Florida, in June, and you are from a Northern state, then you are just as stupid as we are! If you are planning a trip sometime later this summer, hello stupid, and welcome to the club.

The Ogre really did feel at home in the Norway pavilion, not just because of all the tall people and trolls. They had an air conditioned ride called the Maelstrom, a great place to get out of the heat. After, visit the gift shop and pick up a Dale of Norway How to Knit kit!!! And if you have $1 million, a wonderful new sweater, to wear in the Disney atmosphere space bubble that they will name after me.

If you get lucky enough to leave the crazy that is the Magic Kingdom and return to the the sanity that is Epcot, and find yourself in a bit of a rain storm, seek shelter under the Monorail ramps. They're made of cement, very sturdy. Even fearful Ogres feel safe under cement during storms.
This is what slap happy in Epcot looks like. The face on the left is actually Tom, he's from Wisconsin.

Napping in Disney...My Favorites.

Hall Of Presidents-really who hasn't napped here
Pirates of the Caribbean-After that first drop, it's really smooth sailing
The American Adventure,Epcot-Best Nap Ever!!! We're talking 45 minute 72 degree drool causing animatronic magic. I am almost in tears just thinking about it. That and the dessert I had at Le Bistro de Paris.


2monkeys_mom said...

The Living Seas is also an excellent napping place.

Holly Bee said...

Ah, the Living Seas! We stayed out of there because they were filming a Travel channel piece on the Crush the Turtle interactive thing. Ok, camera whore that I am, I casually walked by. Orange skirt, hard to miss.

Some may say Living with the Land is a napper too, but I love those giant pumpkins!! The Ogre is under the impression that the ride voice over was written by a Granger, it's almost out of the secret book. Uh, go join a Grange for more info.

Mrs. H said...

Hey... check my blog. I have a surprise for you. :)