Monday, June 04, 2007

Slower than grass growing

It was a slow day around the Ogre household. It rained all day so we were stuck inside. We slowly watched the water fill the poop soup pool.

Yes, the pool I recently blew up was involved in a potty accident. I had most of the water out and asked the Ogre to get the rest our for me so I could clean it. Sadly, he pointed out that the top and bottom rings were no longer able to hold air and the whole thing would need disposed of (in an environmentally sound way.)

So like watching grass grow, we watched the little pool deflate and it's carcass fill with rain water. Like I said, slow day at the Ogre house.

I did manage to get some major work done on my Tomato T from the No Sheep for You book. I am very excited, and hope it turns out. It's black with varigated design portion. I am calling it the Midnight Tomato. The Ogre thinks it needs a better name. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Tomato is it's current Ogre approved alternate name. If you have ideas, pitch'em this way.

Oh, Pig 1 and I are going on a field trip today. Excitement! Drama!


Carina said...

Wow. Brave teacher to take them out this late in the year. I always avoided that like the plague when I taught--the kids are just too wild and ready to run away.

Sorry about the pool. Are they on sale somewhere?

bombshellstudios said...

It rained here all day too. My little guy wouldn't leave me alone about having a "rainy day picnic". Um, no. The neighbor girl and him got their boots on and got soaked half the day. It was 62 degrees, they should be fine, right? *I* stayed INSIDE!
I like BOTH tomato names. (But yours a little better than the Ogres :D)

Holly Bee said...

Rain and warm weather is awesome! I used to love doing that!

Here is was like 50. Ok, it may have been warmer than that, but I was freezing.

I like Midnight Tomato. That's it's name, the Ogre gets no say.