Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pumpkinvine Bike Ride

Here was one of the stops on our Pumpkinvine Bike Ride. No, we did not do the 102 route, we did the Country Life 15 mile, frequent stops, lot's to look at route.

It was really weird to bike with Marty and Alice. You see, they are bike celebrities. Not because they are super great bikers, or have awesome jerseys like the 70 year old Ben and Jerry's guy, but because they have sweet bikes.

Marty has a Wiz Wheelz recumbent trike. People stare, gawk, and finally break down and beg to try out his sweet ride. Those Wiz Wheelz guys should give Marty a free bike flag or something for all the business I am sure he has sent their way. He is always talking up how awesome his trike is.

As for Alice, she looks like a tough kid on a sweet chopper style bike. She has a RANS Stratus. Not quite the novelty of the trike, but still something to gawk and ask questions about. And, Hello, RANS also builds aircraft! Trust me, it's a sweet ride.

Me, I have a regular, no questions asked Giant bike. No, not one of those high wheelers, but a mint green regular upright 2 wheel bike. With some huffing and puffing, it gets me where I want to go. It really goes like mad now that Marty more than doubled the amount of air pressure in my tires. Yes, I was biking on near flat tires.

Does it make me sad that people aren't coming up to me saying my bike is cool? Not one bit. It gives me plenty of time to drink water, catch my breath and pretend that I am not so horribly out of shape.

The people at the Pumpkinvine ride check in were super nice, the route was well marked with cute little pumpkins. The Country Life route was a great mix of rolling hills, shade and plenty of rest stops. Our official SAG stop (no, I have no idea what SAG stands for) was in an Amish Family's front lawn. There was free food from the Pumpkinvine people, but there were also homemade cinnamon rolls for a donation.

I felt bad that some jerky people were just snarfing up the cinni rolls without donating. So I went over and dropped $2 in the bucket, not even planning to take one. Oh, but like the 'i bike for cake' person that I am, I couldn't resist. I was nice though and split it with Marty and Al. It was the very best, most delicous cinnamon roll I have ever had. I would have gladly paid, donated, $6 for 1/3 of a roll. Seriously awesome.

I also used the cleanest port-o-potty in human history. I forgot to lock the door and then had to hold the door shut, talk to the guy trying to get in and get my bike shorts back onto my heinie.

As for actual biking, it felt so good to be out on my bike. I had really good company, a cinni roll, oh, and I was also attacked by birds.

I was so excited to see the famous round barn. It was so actual awe inspiring awesome seeing the domed roof. As soon as I was in there, the birds started to swarm. It really made me hate birds even more than normal. Alice also got pooed on in the birds' attempt to peck my eyes out. An innocent bystander pooed on during the epic battle between myself and all that is fowl.

Afterward we had what we were biking for in the first place, our great reward...pie and ice cream.

Sadly, I didn't see any Ogres. Zombies, yes, Ogres, no. The zombies were hanging out at one of the barns making creepy animal taxidermy statues.

Knitting: 1 Gryffindor sock done!!!! Sock 2 actually started. I am still angry about having to do them on dpns. I should get over that though, just thinking about 2 socks on 2 circs makes me dizzy.


Anonymous said...

No better way to spend a day than a bike ride in the country with my sweet daughter!
Thanks again to Eric and Pam for watching the kids so we could play.

Holly Bee said...

I am sooooo crazy sad that I forgot my camera. It's probably for the best though, I am sure I would have managed to offend someone.

Or, I could have used the flash as self defense against the skyrats in the barn.

kristinknits said...

That is awesome - bike celebrities! GO MARTY & ALICE!

Holly Bee said...

Yep Uncle Olive and Auntie Guiness are famous!

Anonymous said...

Support and Gear... unless they were from the Screen Actor's Guild.
The tour sounds like fun. I have only done one. My butt was smaller then and did not swallow my bike seat.

Anonymous said...

Darn. Forgot my name.