Friday, June 08, 2007

Pig 3's Birthday!!

Pig 3 is 3 today!!
The Ogre actually noted that today is not only Owen's 3rd birthday but the anniversary of our insanity. 3 boys in less than 4 years! I think it's awesome!
To celebrate we will be going to Olde Penninsula. Yes, I have a baby, in a bar, celebrating his birthday! Sorry, it was his choice, well, after we shot down McDonald's and Pizza Hut. Still, if you'd ever eaten the brewpub dip there, you'd want to go for your birthday too.
Still fighting my Tomato. Actually, it's so fun and easy to knit it's not fighting at all. It's just I have run out of skeined yarn and I am ripping out a horrible crochet skirt I made.
Ok, so the pattern is Tomato, it's in the No Sheep for You book, and if I wasn't on the computer all the darn time, it would probably actually be done.
Also, Carina was sweet enough to pick up some pity yarn for me when she was in Ludington over Memorial. Yes, I got pity yarn. I have been in such a daze since I picked it up, that I haven't even postbragged about it yet. But she picked up the most aMaizing yarn for me. Ok, she got 2 skeins of aMaizing from SWTC in the prettiest yellow I have ever seen. She also picked up 3 skeins of this lovely (ok I can't spell gorgeous) varigated yarn that I think will be a top down mini shrug arm chub hider. Yes, I believe that's the real name of the pattern "Mini Shrug Arm Chub Hider." Or, that will be the name of the pattern by the time I done with it.
So, I was waaay over pitied, but I thank you so much for all the awesome. Carina, if you make it up to Threadbear, pick me up some Mission Falls Cotton...I swear, no more pity yarn, I'll pay you! Any color, well, not pink. Any snot colors would be awesome :)


Kristina said...

Hi Hollybee:

happy birthday to your son!

Thanks for the feedback on the Tomato ;-)


Carina said...

I'm going tomorrow morning--I will make it work! Green, right? This stuff should be for you. :-)

Tell Owen happy birthday from all of us. Stephen will probably try to get me to buy something for him again today. *giggle*

trixie stix said...

Happy birthday to your son!

Anonymous said...

is there any sort of celebration planned that I should know about? I like parties!
I love you guys!

Teresa said...

I wish I could get pity yarn. :D

Aww..My little girl turned 4 in December so there was all this Christmas stuff going on.

I hope he gets something good for his birthday..and hopefully it doesn't make a lot of noise...and cleans up easily...and can't poke out any eyes or be shoved up any noses. Hehe..There goes ALL the fun huh?

Mrs. H said...

Happy birthday to the little guy! :)

Melissa said...

The 3rd birthday is the BEST! And having 3 boys in 4 years is awesome!

Holly Bee said...

Thanks for all the birthday are all very awesome.

Hey, we are leaving the house today, something exciting is bound to happen!