Friday, June 01, 2007

Comic Skills from a Former Shark Boy

Pig 1's first public performance was a sold out show. It was also 1 million degrees. He had a rough start, but his joke got a laugh. Ok, I laughed huge and hearty from the back of the gym. He was a bit shy with the microphone, so people only caught the punchline, which was "the joeys have to play inside." This does not make much sense without the "Why do kangaroo Mums hate bad weather?" Yes, he went with the UK version of the joke, that's my boy, my pig actually.

Now for some really exciting news...Pig 1 is Shark Boy no more! One of his front teeth has been wiggly for a couple days. This morning I asked if he swallowed his tooth in the night. He said "no, it's right here." He then spit it out into his hand. He didn't even pull it, it just fell right out of his head. Which is cool, because along with an unnatural fear of a pterodactyl swooping down and flying off with him, I always feared that his teeth would rot out of his head due to poor brushing.

I used to also worry that I would walk into his room when he was a baby and that green devil thing from a French wine ad would be sitting on the edge of his crib. Very practical worries.

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gp said...

dear pig1,
i have a wiggly tooth too! my mommy and your mommy are cousins. i will send you an email through your grandpa.