Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Photos, but not from the Pirates ride (that's against the rules)

Me, with a pint at the Rose and Crown. It was lovely. Oh, the Rose and Crown was nice too. We were able to feel the heat from the evening fireworks/lake burning/ thing they do from inside the pub. Creepy.
An Ogre, with a map. It was super dork Star Wars Weekend. There were like 1 million people wearing Darth Vader masks waiting in line for autographs. They had been lined up since 1 am, yes 1 am. It was for C3PO, but it's not like he was in the suit. It could have been any random guy. Actually, it could have been any random guy either way.

I was totally tricked by the Star Tours ride. I thought we were going to the Planet Endor to see the Ewoks. Instead I got all motion sick and beat to crap in a giant mini van. I was not impressed. Why couldn't it be like Soarin? All smooth and non head shakey...I am an old lady now.
Sucking in my gut in Morocco. Why? Belly Dancers everywhere. Speaking of belly dancers, they were fit, very sassy and very fit. Those of you travelers in tube tops, please rethink your fashion, or lack of fashion, or lack of clothing. Tube tops are not tops, they are tubes of fabric, and unless your boobs are very athletic, they, the boobs, will not hold those tops up. Really.
Ogre conquers Japan!!
I was actually airing out the pits. It's hot in Florida! I actually suggested that Disney dome over the parks and just air condition the whole flipping place. Then we could all wear lovley hand knit sweaters instead of tube tops.


Mrs. H said...

OMG... athletic boobs and tube tops. You crack me up! ROFLMBoobsO

Carina said...

Thanks for the pictures!

You're right: your hair does look better in a Floridian summer. Huh.

It looks like it was a lovely time.

Bec said...

Hey...In Sheeps Clothing's last day is Saturday. Guessing you already know but just in case I thought I would pass the note to you.

kristinknits said...

Looks like fun! : )