Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Oh, well, uh, more, of that fiber stuff

Really, most of this I didn't mean to get! The Poems is so pretty in person. It's got shades of green, pinkish and grey mixed in. It's available at Nautical Yarns in Ludington MI. That's also where the beautiful, I mean aMaizing yarn came from.

The Tofutsies may have came from there too, but I am just holding that for Carina. She may or may not have an allergy to possibly the chitin in the yarn, or the dye, or something else. So, I was told I could keep it, but I washed the sample that she knitted up to see if she could work with it after it was washed. Eh, it's really slippery, and kind of oily, I don't know

Here's the HMS Potter. See, it's a ship, with a sail, and stolen size 1 dpns. Not stolen from a store, these were the needles that were used on the Poisonous yarn and Carina was afraid of them after the incident. I washed them, they are a little, uh, warped and maybe more like a 1.5 rather than a true 1. I am only using them because I have, have to get going on my little Pig's Gryffindor socks. We only have like, 39 days to go.

So, all of that except the red sock yarn was my pity yarn. I must be pretty pathetic to get all that.

Oooh, did you notice the green yarn in the background? Carina, my yarn pimp, picked it up for me at Threadbear. They were having a crazy buy the bag deal on Mission Falls 1824 Cotton. Which is so pretty, and I totally neeeeded it. It was $30 for 10 skeins. It's normally $5.60 a skein. So, I was pretty stoked. Yes, over yarn, stoked.


Carina said...

It's not pity yarn, it's payback yarn for all those times you let me cry and whine this year. :-)

Thanks for washing that swatch. I'll let you know what happens.

Teresa said...

Oooo..nice. You have nice friends. :D My husband buys me yarn once in a while but only because I say I "really really can't live without it!"

Kristina said...

It all looks wonderful. "Yarn pimp", I love it... ;-)

I agree that you had to go with the Mission Falls at that price. Maybe you can use it to do your next Tomato...


Holly Bee said...

Yep, Carina is my official yarn pimp.

Don't worry about the whines and cries, I'm sure I am going to be needing moral support soon :)