Wednesday, June 06, 2007

No really, Zombies everywhere!!!

Again, really glad the Ogre gave me the heads up about the Zombies. Apparently Zombies have been spotted at the gas station I can see from my kitchen window. Really! It's bloody awesome. Go here for more info from the Kalamazoo Gazette. Also note that both Evil Dead 2 or The Sequel to the Ultimate Experience in Grueling Terror and Tom Sullivan are mentioned in the article. Here is some better info.

Of course I do have my shovel freshly sharpened, and my whole zombie riot gear ready just in case the real zombies get excited by all the fake zombies.

On a more domestic note, Sugar baby, aka Pig3, still has strep throat.


dee's brother said...

I have a question. If an Ogre had "relations" with a zombie...would the off-spring be Ozzy Osborne?

Carina said...

Poor Owen. Stephen was talking about giving him one of his toys today.