Saturday, June 02, 2007

No, really, they hate me

I'm out in the back yard, kindly huffing and puffing up the pigs' kiddie pool. Not only is it covered in spiders, spider eggs, and baby spiders, I also spied some suspicous looking mouse sized droppings near the pool storage area.

The neighbor takes one look at me and hollers this to his wife "I cannot be out here with her being pissed off all the time." He then went inside.

I was blowing up a pool. Ok, I was asking the pigs if they could please not drown themselves in the area formerly known as sand box that was currently mud soup. But that just seems like good parenting to me.

A recent report from the Ogre confirms that the neighbor's child was acting like "a baboon on stimulants" in the front yard.

Huh, I was with my kids, doing something nice for them, and his kid was not being supervised and possibly sniffing inhalants. I may be loud, and have a certain distaste for mud but really, that was just mean.

We really need a house that's not in a neighborhood.

Now, for knitting. I have been trying to keep it casual. This seems like a crazy thing to even suggest. I have 2 knitting projects just in my car, and I sit in a chair surrounded by yarn, supplies, projects, books, bags and future projects.

It's sort of like when you see a police officer, and even though you aren't doing anything wrong, you remind yourself to drive casual. So, I am trying to knit casual.

Nothing to report here, just one glass of wine with dinner translates into Nothing to report here, just a really good deal at Webs, had to get started on the Charmed Knits project...lalala.


Mrs. H said...

Maybe you should sit out there all summer and see how long you can keep him indoors. heh

Carina said...

What is his problem?! Jerk.

Holly Bee said...

Oh Mrs. H! If we lived close to each other, think of all the havok we could cause! I believe I will be investing in a shade canopy of some sort so I can fully enjoy bothering him, and not get sunburn :)

Mrs. H said...

Hehe! Be sure to get some music to play. LOUD. Might I suggest a CD of bagpipe music? Oh... if I had only found a new teacher and finished learning the pipes. I'd bring my pipes and give a concert for ya. Woohoo! Nothing like annoying the neighbors! LOL

Teresa said...

Ugh, my husband and I had rented a house with (no kidding) 2 feet of lawn on all sides. The neighbor had 4 kids that she never watched but praised how wonderful and good they were, even though they we the meanest misbehaved kids I've met. One winter day, her husband made a sledding hill in MY driveway for his kids to sled down who ended up taking a sled down my car! Of course confronting the woman was a joke because not only did she yell at me she was also my landlord. So yeah, we moved fairly quickly and I definitely know what you're going through.

..but you know what you do now? You sunbath EVERY day and do a lot of landscaping. :D

bombshellstudios said...

I can't believe he had the nerve to say that!!

Holly Bee said...

Yes, my snotty little feelings are hurt.

Then 2 different neighbor kids made Cy cry. He's 5, his girl friend said he was stinky and another kid said he was, uh, chubby.

We went in said and decided they were lame and not cool enough to play with us.

Looks like we're in for a great summer, in our back yard, not talking to anyone, but playing loud music, and dancing like monkeys.