Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mama didn't raise no fool

Well, the pigs broke it to me easy, the said they knew where we were going. Pig 1 also informed me that he's "not an idiot."

Yes, the pigs are brilliant. Actually, the knew we were going on a plane, to Florida, and staying in a hotel, and riding buses. So, from their past experiences that really does mean Disney.

I tried to explain to them that I wanted to take the Ogre there again to let him know that you could go to Disney and not "get sick." Yes those quotes are from Pig 2 & 3. The two pigs most likely to barf all over that Magic Kingdom.

We then talked about how we would all go again when the Pigs were 5,7,9. Pig 1 said "that's only 2 years from now. I promptly started having a panic attack over the fact that my babies would be soo old in just 2 brief years.

Later I calmed myself by sorting through my closet stash yarn. I felt better, but I may have to pick up a Dale of Norway Knit kit while in Epcot just to further calm myself.

I am bringing my second Gryffindor sock to barf over on the plane. PK was like, "just have a beer, but it will cost you 5 bucks." I mostly just take enough Dramamine that I pass out. Which is really just best for everyone else on the plane.

There should be some fun stories soon, the Ogre, outside, in the heat, around happy humans? Hilarity ensues

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