Friday, June 15, 2007

Just Friday

I was going to actually name today something epic and wonderful, like Drunk and Disorderly Friday or Holly on the Town, or Friday, my first day to myself in like 7 years.

Oh man, and I was soo looking forward to my day alone. No kids, no Ogre, just me hanging out in my pj's doing whatever. It's not even 730 am, and I'M LONELY!!

Actually I have a whole huge list of errands that will be easier to do by myself, but still, lonely. I am totally not complaining, it's just really weird.

So, Dr appt, consignment shop, messing around, oil change, lunch, shoe store, hippie store, mall.

If I didn't have the oil change, I'd probably, no, I would falala (that looks like falafel) right over to ThreadBear. But a proper running snot mobile is very important. I have to keep my little pigs safe.

Tomorrow I am going on a crazy pie eating bike ride adventure with Marty and Alice. I am not saying it's a grueling bike ride adventure because there really is a scheduled pie stop. We are also going to be stopping at an Amish Bike shop. Which is cool because I totally want to check out the trailers they have.

I have a regular kid trailer, but they have cool metal ones. I want to see if it's actually an old milk box converted. I have a milk box. It would be so awesome, a cooler on wheels. That I am sure would be heavy, but totally worth it. I would load up my trailer with beer and other cold refreshing beverages and sell it for outrageous prices on the Kal-Haven Trail. Then donate the money to a worthy cause, like a food bank, to over ride the evil. Balance.

Ok, Amish bike trailer used for beer transport, probably wrong.

I gotta call my pigs.


Carina said...

You're always welcome here, if you want. :-)

*sigh* That day sounds just lovely. Knowing me, though, I'd fall asleep somehow. I'm so dang tired these days.

Melissa said...

You have a wild imagination! haha
7:30 am, I'd be missing my boys too. :)