Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hiding from the heat

We went to Threadbear and Impression 5, a children's museum, yesterday with Carina and her kids. It was super fun, all the way around.

I got enough yarn for a sweater for my brother at the low, low price of $3.75 a skein for like 250 yards. It was half off, I was very happy. I also scored some bumble bee sock yarn from Lorna's Laces. Pig 2 is a Hufflepuff. Either way, bumble bee stripey sock yarn? Cutest thing ever.

The kid museum was a really good one. It had all the stuff kids like without a lot of "boring stuff." Catapult, water table that was as big as the first floor of my house, a bubble room where I was given a harsh stare by an employee. It was really fun, and I was only making a little mess. A green screen weather map, a radio studio-cow sound included, over all it was really fun.

The boys also donned lab coats and made volcanos erupt and a bag of slime. I only shouted "POISON" during the first chemistry event we went to. You can put that in any context you want and you'll be right.

I'd say Owen at 3 was a bit short for some of the things, but 4 and up could totally do everything.

I will go photo crazy later...that's a threat.

Oh, my plan was to hide from the heat yesterday, and Impression 5 is totally lacking in the environmental cooling, except of course, in the chemistry lab. Prima freaking donnas.

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Carina said...

I couldn't believe the heat! I don't remember it being so hot (or so dark, but that's another complaint altogether).

The kids had so much fun. I can't wait to really sit and look through the pictures. Thanks!

At least you weren't sitting at the crazy bench in the water room.