Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Gryffindor Sock and the Ogre of Summer

Yes, it's almost summer. The sun is shining, the neighbors are mowing and the Ogre is grumping. Ogres do not like the great outdoors, bugs, bright sunlight, temperatures above 67 or humidity higher than refrigerator levels.

That's why there have been so many Yeti sightings in Nepal, it's cold in the mountains. Yeti are excellent stone craftsman and carve out elaborate dwellings inside the very mountain. Yeti and Ogres are very similar in this regard. They both also hate Zombies. But the Yeti's true enemy is the vampire. It's a whole pecking order thing.

The knitting is going well. While I supervise my pigs in their kiddie pool, I have been knitting away at the Gryffindor sock.
The Pigs are also enjoying some wonderful homemade strawberry jam. Ha! No, I don't make jam, that's Ogre work. This jam is actually from our Share of the Farm CSA thing with Avalon Farms Homegrown. It's beautiful. I was going to eat the whole jam jar myself, but I really wanted to share the experience of strawberry jam with the pigs. Normally, I steal the jam from PK, but honest jam is probably a better thing to share.
That makes me think of things I do cook. Pretty much, quesadillas, spaghetti (although I hate putting that on the weekly food plan, because really, where does that h go), sandwhiches, or mystery from the depths of the crock pot. I especially love crockpotting. I throw something in, and a dinner pops out 8 hours later. Who cares what, just put it over noodles.
Anything delicious is made by the Ogre. He cans tomatoes, he makes salsa, jams and jellies. He'll even make a meal that isn't in the shape of a casserole. I guess I can over look the extreme temperature intolerance for all that good cooking.


Teresa said...

My grandmother made the world's best apple butter. She would send me home with jars of that stuff and it would hardly last the week.

That sock is looking awesome! My mother would love to have something like that. She's a huge Harry Potter fan.

Anonymous said...

tell us more about share of the farm. How many shares, and what is in a typical delivery, for example, this week....quantities?

Carina said...

Do you want the rest of our Avalon jam? Mine's better, and my kids don't like theirs. Or . . . I could give you a batch of the strawberry jam I have to make today and tomorrow (6 quarts!).

The share of the farm thing, Anonymous, is from Avalon Farms. They charge by the amount ($20 for 1/4 bushel and up), and you can even get good eggs, $2/doz. Good stuff. We're addicted. You get whatever's fresh. Today, we got snap peas, radishes, lettuce, a few cherry tomatoes, rhubarb, 6 quarts of the best strawberries ever, and onions. It's like that every week--lots of good, fresh stuff.

Holly Bee said...

You got 6 quarts of strawberries!!! Bastards stole my berries. Oh, and I have time to sit around and watch for berry tackle snoopers.