Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Drinks, Ninja Models, Pigs and Zombies

I went out with my friend Cindy last night. We had the perfect margarita at Applebee's. Seriously, the perfect margarita. That was the official name of the drink from the Applebee's menu, but it was pretty good.

After dinner, I stopped over at DSW to check out shoes. Now, when at a brewpub one must order a brew. I don't care if you get their homemade rootbeer, but you have to get a brew. I also don't think you should go into a yarn or shoe store without buying anything. At the shoe store I spied the sweetest pair of slip on ballerina style tennis shoes with little pirates all over them. Shockingly cute, and 70% off $25. I can't think through the math this early in the am, but super cheap. I couldn't do it though. The sensible grownup who recently moved into my brain wouldn't let me buy them...blah, blah, waste of money, never wear them, no arch support. Uggh, it was heartbreaking.

I did end up buying something that will probably end up being a waste of money and never worn, but it's for Beth, so whatever. I have a plan to knit Beth a tank with Hemp for Knitting yarn and one of their patterns. I even have all the stuff. Knowing that I am lazy when it comes to actually getting gifts knitted on time, I figure a back up bday gift was in order.

Beth teaches Spanish. I found a cute t shirt that said something in Spanish. Problem was, I only know Spanish as taught by Dora the Explorer. I knew it said 'where is my' but I just couldn't figure out the last word. I was horribly embarrassed carrying a possibly dirty shirt around the store. Beth is also smaller than me, so the shirt is in a tiny size that would never fit, and I was afraid I would be attacked by super petite Spanish speaking super models. It was all very Mission Impossible to get to the cash out without being spied by the Super Model Ninjas.

I later looked up the phrase on Babblefish, it totally translated it all weird, but I got it, and it's not dirty, it's funny.

As for the Ogre and the Pigs. They had a lovely evening at home eating pizza and probably watching teley.

Baby Pig 3, one of the strep throat kids, has now been running a fever for 2 days and is complaining that his ears hurt...back to the Dr we go.

Knitting, still trying to harvest my Midnight Tomato.

Oooooh! I totally forgot! The Ogre said that a Zombie movie was going to be filmed right here in Kalamazoo. Which is good that he warned me. Can you imagine what would happen if I saw Zombies in town? I'd have to get my good shovel out and start swinging.


Carina said...

You carry a good shovel in the back of your car? Well, if it's winter, I can see that. *grin*

I left a comment about the whole sock allergy thing over on my blog in the comments. Thanks again for helping with that.

*sigh* A night off from the kids. It's been too long. I wonder if the Thursday night gals are still meeting at Starbucks here. I might go crazy by then.

Anonymous said...

I saw that in the paper too! Apparently there was another zombie movie being taped in the burg last weekend...they probably got rained on though...I bet that was messy.

Mrs. H said...

Seeing zombies in town would rock! I'd pay to see you whack them with a shovel. LOL

Teresa said...

You..had a night off!? You could have taken me!!! Yes, it would have probably been a few hundred mile jaunt, but well worth the trip :D. The last time I got ANY time by myself was my birthday. That was in April.

Zombie movie huh? I probably could get a part. I mean seriously, look at me first thing in the morning you'd see the resemblance.

You'd probably get a kick out of Shaun of the Dead.

Holly Bee said...

shaun of the dead is actually one of my all time favorite movies!!!! Oh, it makes me giggle just thinking about it!