Monday, June 11, 2007

Birthday Weekend!

Here's Pig 3 at ye Olde Penninsula. Fav part of his bday? He got that whole Sundae to himself. A true pig.
I had the beer sampler, oh, and some dinner too, but the beer sampler was excellent!

Here we are abusing a turtle. We took that turtle home and had some really yum soup. My favorite parts of the zoo...Mongolian Wild Horses (I always wanted to go to Mongolia and marry a Nomad) and the train ride. Why the train ride? It's long, it's cool, the kids think it's tops, and you may get a glimpse of zombies in the woods.
Pig 1 is a dinosaur. We had a lovely time at Red Robin. You can sub a veggie burger or bocca burger and they don't freak out on you about it. Did I mention they have a full bar too....
Mai Tai

Pig 1 eating noodles. Pig 1 and I snuck away, went to the bookstore, reserved 2 copys of Harry Potter 7 and had a lovely noodle bowl lunch. It was so fun! That's an IBC rootbeer.


Mrs. H said...

Love the pic of the kids on the turtle. :)

Teresa said...

mmmmm...That looks like a delicious drink you have there. I'm quite partial to the Long Island Ice Tea myself. :D But anything with an umbrella in it MUST be good!!!