Thursday, June 07, 2007

All sorts of Undead

I tried to see a Dr yesterday for my own possible case of strep throat. Yes, I tried. I called for an appointment, arrived 10 minutes before my scheduled time, and it all went down hill from there.

I wasn't on the list, I was accused of having a shared appointment, and then I was left with Pig 2 &3 in a dirty waiting room filled with other people hacking, coughing and looking like they had just left the set of a nearby zombie movie. I was seriously worried about my brain being chewed on and becoming infected with evil dead tendencies.

20 minutes after my not on the list, scheduled appointment time, I still hadn't been called back to an exam room. So I gathered up my pigs and left to die on my couch at home. Actually, I threatened that I would be back when I had scarlet fever and I planned on infecting the whole staff. I don't think anyone heard or I may have hallucinated that part.

Here's how sick I was...too sick to knit. Yes, I slept on the couch from 330 until Pig 1 got off the bus, and then passed out until 8 pm. At 8 I put on my robe and snuggled under 3 blankets and read the Historian until I got so freaked out I couldn't sleep. Slowly freaked out, but freaked out to the point of leaving the hall light on "for the pigs, incase they have bad dreams." Don't worry, the hall lights are CFL's, and possibly laced with garlic.


Anonymous said...

I hadn't left a light on all night since I read "Salem's Lot". Then I started reading "The Historian". It very subtly creeped me out. It's one of those books where you envy the people that've just started reading it because you know they're in for a hell of a ride.
Keep them torches burning all night!

Mrs. H said...

Shared appointment? Who do they think you were sharing it with? You should've coughed or sneezed all over your hand and then touched everything you could reach on their desk. heh

Hope you feel better soon.

Marigold said...

How totally messed up. You would think a doctor would want to, ya know, see the sick people? Hope you're feeling better! (no scarlet fever, either!)

bombshellstudios said...

I know the day was terrible, but sleeping all day and laying around with lots of blankets sounds so nice! lol
I hope you are better soon.