Thursday, May 03, 2007

We are joining the No Sheep KAL!

So Carina and I will be joining the No Sheep for You Knitalong!

She was all "no sheep?" and I was all "tuscany" and we were both all "rocker." It was so Bill and Ted that I think this will now be known as "The Excellent Adventure." Really, really hope I didn't just curse this whole venture by calling it excellent!

We will be posting our progress at the No Sheep KAL site, and also probably venting and complaining both here and at Riverwalk Yarns, Carina's blog.

Or something. This was more of a "hey, I have a load of lace yarn," and "hey, I was going to use my Seasilk," rather than a whole "let's be the next Mason-Dixon Knitting chicks." So, here we go.

No Sheep for You
Pattern Tuscany Shawl

I will be using my Seasilk purchased with selfish glee from The Naked Sheep in Bennington, Vermont.

Carina will be using Briar Rose Fibers (love them!) Sea Pearl (50% wool-oops 50% tencel). I am pretty positive that she got that at the Michigan Fiber Fest last year, because I remember being sad that I didn't see that yarn and almost drove back to Allegan the next day with all three boys to get a skein for myselfish-self.

I believe our start date is this Saturday, May 5th. With our end date being Labor Day.

If we can't finish by then, there should be some sort of penalty...cut off a finger, take away all yarn. No, those are mean, heehee. How about a celebratory trip to Threadbear? Oooh, and some yum lunch, aaaah and some more yarn. But Carnia has to promise no more lace weight!!

If you'd like to join us, please do! Just joing the offical No Sheep KAL, then come back here and leave a comment so we know who you are. That way we will be the extra sneaky Tuscany Shawl-a-long splinter group! I promise I won't really cut off any fingers, unless the Ogre gets really hungry...


Carina said...

I got it up in Traverse City last year. They only had the one skein, and I don't know what else to do with it.

I would've taken it to Knit Night tonight, but I had swatching to do. If I don't finish this thing on time, I really do promise not to buy any laceweight (at least until I finish something).

Oh, and I forgot--I have 14 shawls' worth. Isn't that sad?

Holly Bee said...

Oh, well, I still remember being jealous!

I finished the Sweet Mary Jane, and knitted two sleeves last night on the blah, blah, t. I plan on starting Saturday if I have to knit all day!

What the hell are you going to do with 14 shawls, bag lady? Really nicely shawled bag lady?