Monday, May 07, 2007

Tut,tut, looks like rain

I asked the Ogre if I should rethink the whole rainy Mothers Day Camping tradition. He said, it's your tradition.

With this in mind, I am seriously considering making the Ogre suck it up and be around humans, in the woods in a more pleasant month in Michigan, like July, or August, when it rarely snows, and the camping is good.

If you look at the upcoming weather for Michigan this week, you will see it's got a slight bit o' rain in the forcast. I'm lucky the pigs like mud.

Other good things about camping in the rain.

1. The fishing is good.
2. The trees keep you pretty dry.
3. No one can hear me scream.

Ok, last year there was a family of deer that liked to hang out and smoke by the bathrooms (yes, very rustic camping.) The deer weren't actually smoking, but they would stand under the overhang, and as I came running up to the bathroom building (3 kids, 4 years, no bladder control) I would scare them, and they would snort, and kind of prance. It really freaked me out. So much, that I am worried about it again this year.

Snorting deer also remind me of when my tire blew out on the highway at 4 in the morning, and I walked along the side of the highway with my flashlight, and deer started snorting at me, and I jumped to my left and landed in a pile of relatively fresh road kill.

Do you see the issues? Not the rain, not an angry Ogre, not a snot nosed kid or 3, those things are normal. I have issues with snorting deer and potty breaks! Let the crazy begin...


Carina said...

That would totally have freaked me out! Deer can be scary when they're aggressive. I don't blame you for wanting something else. What about a night away at a nice B&B just the two of you? What about a Mother's Day brunch (heck, that's what we're thinking of doing) or some special meal? Snorting deer should be left alone.

Holly Bee said...

Just the two of us. You're funny.

No, we can't do brunch, too many people. That's the problem with my Ogre, if there are too many people, or the threat of people, he won't go. Something about angry mobs and pitchforks. Ok, he's just grumpy.