Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Trip to Shipshewana

The Flea Market was fun, the boys were well behaved, the chicken was cooked, and I ended up looking like the Jerk.

Oh, not in an obnoxious throw down fight way, or drunken scene (can you get beer in Shipshewana?).

After the Flea Market, we went to the downtown area, and then walked from there to get some ice cream. After being told ice cream is good if you aren't on a diet by skinny chicks who were walking into a dairy queen style establishment, we started walking back to our car.

Although Shipshewana is not a booming metropolis, it has a lot of out of town visitors ready to drop cash on hand made Amish furniture, quilt supplies and Vera Bradley bags. There are often tour groups, and ladies' outings. You tend to see more sun visors than in the general population. Anyway, with all this going on, I decided to trash pick a really cool 50's style stool. You know the kind with a seat, and 2 little steps. Very fancy.

The car, of course, was on the other side of the very small town. Did I hide my head in shame? No, I walked through town with my treasure, 2 kids and PK in tow. It was like a grand hillbilly parade.

Actually the worst part of the whole chair thing was fitting it into the Mazda 5. PK had to use her crazy packing skills to get the thing to fit. But it's home, and happily in my garage. Sadly, I think it's a rusty, junky piece of trash knock off. Oh, well.

The Ogre said I could keep it, I just had to bleach it to get the garbage germs off it, like I went dumpster diving or something.

I did also manage to find some yarn and knitting supplies. Just some lion brand at Lolly's (not the fabric store part, but some random hey look we sell other stuff too shop) in the Davis Merchantile building. There was also supposed to be an alpaca yarn store on the second floor. There signs all over for it, but no store. An empty store, but no store of my dreams, store.

Hey, I found yarn while at Epcot. It's either a gift or a curse.


Carina said...

Get that new good spray paint, and it'll still be good. :-)

elan said...

I once picked a heavily painted chair out of the garbage & walked home with it on top of the stroller, people thought I was nuts but there was a press backed chair under all that paint & I didn't have to pay a penny!

Holly Bee said...

I know! There really are good things out there!

Also, turns out my trash treasure is old, eh, vintage, and a similar one is bad shape is selling for $20 on ebay. I'm feeling pretty good about it!

Marigold said...

so why are you a jerk? I don't understand...if someone was throwing it out, you're like, recycling!

Holly Bee said...

Oh, I meant the movie The Jerk, not me being a jerk!