Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sick Kid, Knitting Obsession and Contest

Ok, so Pig #2 is sick. He's sad, no school, no school picnic presentation, and no pizza after skipping the picnic part of the school picnic.

So I turn to knitting. Which Marty said was my obsession. This for some reason sort of hurt my feelings. Like an obsession is a weakness. He didn't imply that an obsession is a weakness, I took it that way.

So the contest part. While feeling sad about Cy being sick, and Owen thinking he's also sick, but he's not because his mouth is still jibber jabbering, I found out about this Summer Knitting Goals Contest from Marigold.

The Contest is being sponsored by Ali at Skeins Her Way. Check it out for official rules and fun! Oh, if you sign up, mention I sent you, that way I get another entry!

Summer Knitting Goals

1. Finish Tuscany Shawl and brag it up over at the No Sheep for You KAL.

2. Harry Potter knit something from Charmed Knits for Pig #1 by book 7 release party.

3. 2 socks on 2 circs technique defeated and socks for brother made.

4. Hemp tank for Beth

I think that looks like a fair bit of summer knitting. The biggest problem I see is with item #2. I am knitting for a pesky, fashion minded 6 year old boy, who happens to belong to Gryffindor. I have been informed that his house colors are very special and have to be just right. He is also not a "bad Slitherin like Dad."

quick add on sorry....the link to skeins her way I had in before was bad! It sent me to random error page and asked if I was looking for sexy singles. So if that happened to you, sorry, it's fixed now.

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Carina said...

Of course Harry's a Gryffindor. Duh. ;-)