Thursday, May 03, 2007

Setting Up a Knit-A-Long

Ok, I was on the phone with Carina. Newsflash, right?

She was in Yarn Heaven aka Threadbear, lamenting the fact that she has one million skeins of laceweight yarn, and really doesn't need another but fancy-lovely-super soft-brilliant-yarn really wanted to go home with you.

I was all, "Hey, I wanted to start a lace project with my Seasilk, let's do our own knitalong."


1. Both knit same pattern, others may join in our insanity or just laugh from the sidelines
(I don't see this one happening, because we are both grumpy about what we like and patterns and personal style and such)

2. Join a pre-existing KAL
(I would lean toward No Sheep KAL because I like the book, and I think my seasilk would look lovely in the Tuscany pattern again, see #1)

3. Join, start, do our own thing, but in a together sort of way.
(I think that may happen-it's rather passive-aggressive though)

Any thoughts or ideas? Please leave a comment.

So, whatever mess comes out of this, I am blaming it on...Threadbear for having so many lovely yarns.

Also, you may ask, why is she blogging when Michigan is having a rare beautiful day? Here's why.

I am waiting from 1pm-5pm for the guy from Sears to fix my leaking, non-energy efficient, freezes in back, warms in front refrigerator. It's like a weird mullet frig, business in the front, party in the back, except there is no business in front, just rotting veggies, and it's only a party because my rum is extra cold from living in the back o' the frig. Al Gore is like so personally pissed about my frig right now. . . he wants us to buy an energy star to save the planet. It's true, he invented the internet and called me last night.


Bec said...

Miss Holly Bee, A little bird told me that In Sheeps Clothing in Marshall will be closing. Nothing has been marked down yet. I'll let you know if I hear anything.

Carina said...

Onward and upward! Let's do the Tuscany. Does that mean I have to do a gauge swatch? ;-)

Holly Bee said...

I too heard from a little birdy that In Sheep's Clothing would be closing soon.

Oddly, I didn't even think of a blow out, sale of all sales, store closing extravaganza!!

Please, please let me know if you get wind of discounts!!!

As for you Carina!! I am so excited to knitalong with you!