Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Response to Weather, Socks, and Tomato

Marty sent me the weekly weather report, which consisted of temps in the high 80's. If you aren't from Michigan, high 80's isn't pleasant weather. We also usually run at about 100 percent humidity, and this is accomplished without it actually raining.

This is my response to Marty
Funny you send this out, I was just going to check the weather. Why was I going to check the weather? To see how freaking hot it was going to get in our house today. Oh, I am not trying to personally save the environment, I bet even Al Gore's house has air conditioning, not us.

Our 5 year old house has had the air conditioner "fixed" all 5 years we've been here. The air conditioning unit has evil, I mean been replaced once. I was told by our original furnace installers that 1 million dollars in service calls is not unusual. Yeah, for their crappy service. Bel Aire, you are evil. Some other company gets my money from now on!

I used to live in Yuma, Arizona and the town's slogan was something like 1 mile from water, 1 foot from hell. You could use the awesome swamp cooler, and not have to use air conditioning, here, it's just me and the kids in the kiddie pool.

Here are my completed socks. I used the amusing socks on 2 circs method on size 4 bamboo clovers. I would not recommend the bamboo clovers to anyone who values their sanity. The joins are really bad. But I needed to defeat (feet) the 2 circs thing.

I thought this yarn was some random Lion Brand Magic Stripes. When I was working with it I was all, "this stuff is awesome, it's got stretch to it, and it's really soft." It was really Regia Stretch. I liked it, which is cool, because I have another skein.

Here is Pig 3. He's feeling much better now. Pig 2 could not hold still long enough for photography "messin around." He is also much better now.

Here's my next project. Tomato from No Sheep for you. I am actually going to make it in black with the design part in the multi. Oh, uh, this wasn't on my list of summer projects. Screw you Beth, I'm making this instead of your tank! Haahaahaahaaa. Now I just feel mean.


trixie stix said...

The socks are great!

We don't have a/c in our home either. Gads it's hot!!!

dee's brother said...

I'm glad you are not using A/C. Because my house is sucking three times the power to keep it nice and cool. I understand the hot humid days in Michigan...however, I have quickly learned Florida is worse!

Holly Bee said...

It just stinks so much that we have a/c, and it's new, and it's even been replaced and it still doesnt' work!!

I was also trying to be nice to the Ogre because he isn't allowed to turn it on before June 1st.

So my peace offering turned into a whole big "our house sucks and I hate the builder and everyone he's related to, and that means our neighbors because their dad built our house" rant.