Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pigs cause tears, Saved by knitting

There is a certain toy, that I hate. It's heavy, it's hard for the kids to use and it was an expensive gift. We actually have three, but two are resting.

Anyway, the one that is out is kept on the front porch because there isn't room in the garage. While I was getting dinner ready, I asked the pigs to play in the driveway so I could keep an eye on them. They did one better, they decided to play in the garage, with the big toy.

It was hard to get the story out through all the tears (mine) but I believe this is what happened...

Pig 2: Do you want to play with the toy Mom hates in the garage?

Pig 3: Yes, I like making Mom mad.

Pig 2: You get in, I will push, wait, it's stuck on Mom's new car, I will just shove it more.

Pig 3: Wait I will help.

Ok, so there is a big long gouge in the side of my car now. Not just a paint scrape, but three dents down to the metal (wait, is there metal in the Mazda5?) and a long scrape connecting it all together.

I kicked them outside and decided that I was going to sell all of their toys to finance my trip to Iceland.

I calmed down, by working on my Tuscany Shawl, and doing a bit of damage to my liver. Maybe commandeering something would make me feel better.


Anonymous said...

OH NO!! That is no good! :(

trixie stix said...

Oh my, not good. Sounds like that toy(s) should go the "The Land of Forbidden Toys." We send any toy with battries, sirens, or makes loud noises there - forever.