Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Ogre, Ice Tea, Knitting and Eggs

The Ogre had mentioned that we hadn't been out to dinner in a long time. Not to say that we don't order pizza weekly, but an actual sit down, all together and enjoy someone else's cooking without doing dishes sort of meal.

As a starting point, please realize that our Pigs are normally so well behaved that strangers come up to us and say "your boys are so well behaved" or my favorite "oooh, are all those kids yours?"

Now I know why we haven't been out. We're out numbered, and the boys have us figured out. Just when you think you know which kid is going to cause trouble, they switch.

The youngest pig decided to take one for the team and act like the true wiggling snot machine that he is.

It didn't help that we were trying to support a local business, and they had a lady who shouldn't be a waitress. Not that she wasn't nice, she was just really flustered, and the place was lousy with kids.

It was like all the parents in town needed someone else to cook and an ice tea. Sadly, they were out of tea, the other beat down parents just took a beer instead. You know how the Ogre feels about beer (no umbrella), I switched to a soda (and was still smited with a migraine for thinking mean thoughts.)

Anyway, no ice tea, grumpy Ogre, hungry kids, forgotten meal and flustered waitress makes for a lame time. Luckily the food was good.

So I realized I was talking up the Hemp for Knitting and not giving a fair shake to the D'Zined hemp wool blend yarn that I am currently using and really enjoying.

I bought the D'Zined yarn at the TKGA Conference last year. I remember the lady was super nice, had great yarn and was fun to talk to. So what's my problem? I don't like her website. Isn't that awful? I guess she used to also go to the Michigan Fiber Festival and doesn't now, so it cuts down on my ability to love her yarn.

Speaking of the Michigan Fiber Festival, it's August 18 & 19. They also have workshops Wednesday through Sunday the 19th. I was interested to see that they have Galina Khmeleva of Skaska teaching a couple classes.

As much as I like knitting, I am not going to be taking classes. Fiber Fest happens the same week as The Calhoun County Fair August 12-18. The Grange has a Pancake tent and the Ogre is one of the main cooks. Ah, seeing the Ogre cook eggs is a beautiful thing. It's really worth checking out.

Ooooh, that reminds me. Carina placed in knitting at the Michigan State Fair. So now is the time to get your entries ready for your local fairs. When I say ready I mean done, finished, started or whatever.


trixie stix said...

Sounds like a rough go on the dinner. Isn't it funny how a waitress can make or break a dinning experience?

Thanks for the heads up on the Michigan Fiber Festival. I'm thinking of going this year.

Holly Bee said...

I feel bad, because the waitress was nice, she was just flustered :(

FIBER FEST!!! It's so fun.

My Mom has to take make sure to take her allergy medicine. It's like the official knit with snot, snot making event!

kristinknits said...

Matt & I are talking about going to the Fiber Fest. We should all meet up there. It'd be a blast!

Carina said...

Apparently the chick from D'Zined will be at Stitches Midwest. Wanna go?

Thanks for the reminder--I need to figure out what to put in this year.

Holly Bee said...

Awesome to everything!

Kristin, I would love to meet up with you and Matt. I ususally run into Mel, or Marty (unplanned!) every year.

It really is a fun thing to go to!