Monday, May 14, 2007

Mountains of Laundry and a Sea of Filth

We brought half of Northern Michigan home with us. Ok, maybe just a quarter. But I practically need a trail map to navigate through my kitchen. It's crazy with sand.

The family spent most of last night avoiding the filled with sleeping bags, camp gear, and sand kitchen watching teley in the livingroom. Yes, 4 days outside, and one evening eating pizza and watching the tv. Yes, all my hard work to get the pigs to enjoy the outdoors was killed in one evening.

Instead of working on my beautiful seasilk Tuscany shawl, I decided to work on a charity hat. While adding the bobbles I thought "man, this is such an elf hat, Hermoine would be so proud."
Which then made me want to get the Charmed Knitting book, drop all my other knitting projects and get ready for the upcoming HP 7. So excited! Make sure you click the view more images and check out Molly's clock! It's so awesome.


Carina said...

I finally got my Charmed book. Do you want to borrow it? My kids won't be into HP for another couple of years (well, until Anna could read it and not get nightmares).

Holly Bee said...

Yippeee! I would love to borrow it!

I may swing by and swipe it from you!