Monday, May 07, 2007

More stupid money lost to knitting

I got my Interweave Knits in the mail Friday, yes, before Barnes and Noble and before the official newstand date! I love it. Interweave actually sent an email saying "dear subscribers, your magazine has been mailed and will be with you shortly." Which I think was probably directly because of me. I can be the change!

Anyway, I didn't go on and on about how bloody awesome it is, because, well, the whole "I accidently food poisoned my kids thing."

But the kids are fine! They may never eat cream cheese again, which is probably good for them anyway.

So here you go
Josephine Top, Lutea Lace-Shoulder Shell, and those wicked awesome Spiral Boot Socks by Veronik Avery. Love it.

Anyway, the Ogee lace skirt thing is very cute, and I want to be tall, and thin and a complete hipster. But the reality is, I am short, and average, and I don't think I can pull off the whole wrap skirt thing over jeans. Old school apron, yes, fancy skirt thing, eh, it's Southwest Michigan. Happiness and hippness is scorned. The villagers will throw rocks.

Sorry Interweave, but I can barely contain my excitement for the knit.1 summer issue. It's their Green issue. That means it's all hempy, corny yarn love with a dash of we worship you Al Gore.


Carina said...

Yes, we love you, Al Gore!! Please run!

*ahem* Sorry. Had to jump on that bandwagon. :-)

I like the sweater on the front cover of IK. I'd just make a few changes . . .

Holly Bee said...

I too liked the front sweater, and was irritated that I would have to make changes.

It's really pretty but it looks so weird with where she has the cabled yoke starting.

Al Gore, he'd be even more awesome if it weren't for that whole Tipper parents group music thing.

That's right, I'm on Dee Snider's side.

Melissa said...

I miss knitting. Darn that sewing machine. Do you think it's possible to be a sewer (lol... that's gotta be the wrong spelling) oh! THAT'S why they say "seamstress") AND a knitter? Am I doomed to become one or the other? I must knit. Green issue, eh?

Holly Bee said...

You can knit on the go!

You know, a small project for when you have to wait. In theory I have a wash cloth to work on at all times. I often lose it, but I have been known to work on it at McDonald's playland. They frown upon sewing at McDonald's, but they're cool with the knitting.