Thursday, May 03, 2007

Michigan Fiber Fest

Each year I block off the whole Saturday of Fiber Fest, for me, just me!

Actually I can think of 2 years that I brought kids, and although we had so much fun they ended up going au diaperal and running around with the sheep and dogs, it's really more of an escape from children day.

It's not to say it's an escape from Family day though. I go with PK, and almost always run into Marty, Alice, Mel and Jeannie.

I mentioned earlier that D'Zined would be at the Michigan Fiber Fest. THEY WILL NOT BE!
I emailed them to confirm and she was nice enough, but again, I hate her website. If you can't update your site, I don't want to use your toll free phone number to call you and order your yarn. Come on.

So, these are places that I will be happily visiting and spending my money and will actually be at the Michigan Fiber Fest.

Blackberry Ridge Beautiful yarn, even a machine wash (Mer-made), lot's of patterns and kits. Plus at their booth you may be tricked by all the shawls. This actually happened to PK, not me. But I am now the owner of a beautiful shawl kit that was thoughtfully given to me by a frustrated knitter, uh eh.

Lady Peddler She has a lot of spinning fibers, mohair yarn, and commercial stuff. But she also has Crystal Palace needles, which I really like and are often hard to find.

Marr Haven From Michigan, lovely yarn, super nice people, organic yarns available. Yep, they were also name dropped fall '06 by KIWI magazine about kids and knitting and green yarn. Totally. I got the info from Vickie Howell's site, and you know she loves happy, hempy,
eco stuff!

Mohair in Motion I think the name says it all. Millions of miles of Mohair. Actually this may very well be PK's favorite.

Briar Rose Fibers Here it is, my FAVORITE!! I love the yarn, the colors and the patterns. The owner is super nice and helpful too. She's going to be outside again this year, so look for her booth, then ooh and aaaah, then buy, buy, buy and knit!

These are not all the vendors by any means, these are my special favorites. I do know that Fiber Fest isn't until August, but think of this as your 'save the date' announcement.

Michigan Fiber Fest
August 18 & 19
Workshps Aug 15-19 (check website for details)

I am going the 18th. Really.

You'll know me by the path of the dead in my wake. Ok, the gawking zombies following me saying "Ogre wife? Mean girl? ATTACK!" It's weird, my mom hates it. It's so embarrassing for her.

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