Thursday, May 24, 2007

Knitting Pigs! Ok, Pig, but still

Haha! Pig 1, who learned to crochet during the winter holidays, has now learned to knit! He wants to make a pair of pants (pants!) for his bunny Fluffy.

So I take back 3/4 of the bad things I have ever said about Build a Bear. Fluffy is originally from Build a Bear and has been a great artistic influence on Pig 1.

I taught him the in the front door, around the back, out the window, off jumps Jack. He had a riot. When he had it down, he started making up his own-sneak in, go around, look out, fly away.

He's either going to be a brilliant burglar, write for Heroes, or be an excellent craftsman.

As for Pig 2, he is still sick.

Pig 3 may be sick, or he thinks the only way I will make toast is if he says he's sick.

Also, I ordered Cascade 220 superwash from some Charmed Knitting I have planned. Since Pig 1 will not doubt be in Gryffindor, I got color number 855-for the scarlet, and 821 for the gold.

Yes, yes, I ordered from webs, and it was like 1/2 price compared to anywhere else. Go on, check it out, tell your self you don't need anything, and just close your eyes when you press the continue on to check out button.


Carina said...

Webs is a dangerous place. I already had my weak moment with them (and I forgot to show you the yarn--sorry). When my other yarn gets in, I'll post pics. What else did you get from there?

Holly Bee said...

Post pics!

Ok, I also picked up a skein of baby ull in the color recommended by Charmed Knits so I can make the pig some house socks too.

I am a sucker for yarn, and Harry Potter, and for yarn and Harry Potter that is for my Pigs!

Carina said...

Pics are up.

Ooh. Baby Ull is niiiiiice stuff. Be careful you don't fall in love with it. I don't let myself near it (but then, I have that whole sweater in the other brand you helped me put together--I'll start it this fall).

Let me know how the patterns from that book work out. I know I'll be knitting a lot from it once the kids start reading the books.