Sunday, May 13, 2007

We camped and saw hardly any Zombies!

In an effort to keep the deer out of the bathroom house, they boarded the whole bloody place up. Really.

The DNR then had the brilliant idea to leave the handicap bathroom in the bath house 1/4 mile into the woods open. Like the deer wouldn't just move their party into that one instead.

Not only was I attacked by hard partying deer, I also had to bribe them with smokes to get into the bathroom.

Honestly, the bathrooms closest to us were closed, and the back of the campground's bathroom was lousy with deer.

Since we had full range of the handicapped stalls the 3 pigs learned a few things about urinals. The most memorable being that no, the thing in the bottom is not a giant mint, and mommy will freak out if you pick it up and hand it to her.

Because the toilets were so faaaar away, I tried to go, then run back to the cabin and snuggle into my sleeping bag. Sadly, I am a slow runner and by the time I got back, I practically had to pee again.

Does an Ogre's wife pee in the woods? Uh-huh. Really close to the cabin. Uh-huh. Why close to the cabin? Hello, I was marking the deer gang's turf. Ok, I was afraid I would back up and pee on some random critter. So I would scan the area with my flash light, turn it off, do my stuff and run back in. I had myself convinced that the raccoons would be drawn to the light, and that as soon as I got back inside they would all attach themselves to the side of the cabin like those sucker things from Empire Strikes back. You have to remember, I wear glasses, and I didn't think to put them on, so the great outdoors seemed kind of trippy.

The Ogre later told me he too was worried about the flash light attracting things. He said "it's not the 'coons you gotta worry about, it's the Zombies."

It's not as bad as it sounds. We were in a part of the campgrounds that had no other campers. We actually had the key to the big swingy campground gates. So it really was us, nature, and you know, the zombies.

Oh, my knitting! Right. Totally last moment I was like, I'm not going to bring my beautiful seasilk, it might get hurt (good call.) I will bring this stupid GGH Samoa that I hate and make a slew of funky hats for Charity. Which was a fine idea, but I brought the wrong needles, and spent most of the weekend untangling the stuff. Then I was all, ok, it's a going to be all worked up into one cute baby blanket. Sadly the pigs thought it looked more like a hat, so, back to hats.

What do other people make with their GGH Samoa? Tanks, t's, nooses? I made the Violet Beauregard skirt from Stitch N' Bitch and it's all stiff and awful. Plus I realized I would never wear it so I am saving it to frog.

Speaking of frogs, we saw loads of frogs, snakes and turtles. It was naturific. If it weren't for the bathroom issues.

Now, the aMaizing yarn, I saw and fell in love with, but I thought I was going to barf. I know from past experiences that I can not pick out pretty colors when I feel like I am going to hurl. It's a whole pink bedroom instead of beige rotovirus incident.

Anyway, I don't normally eat meat. But on Friday everything was all messed up and I stress ate smoky links, a lot of smoky links. Then for lunch I had two Johnsonville brats, and so help me, I was praying for death by around 4. At 5 the Ogre had the good idea to go into town and surprised me with a kid free trip into Nautical Yarns!!! Ugh! It was so awesome and I thought I was going to hurl at any moment.

But the corn yarn looked pretty, and through my ill haze I think the yellow is what I will get. For what, I have no idea, but it's pretty, I think.


Carina said...

I'll be up there in a couple of weeks. Want me to get you some?

Melissa said...

ah. wow. That sounds like an adventure of sorts. :/ The bathroom situation sounds like a nightmare, the tangled yarn, the no glasses in the woods, and the being all alone out there! omg! yikes! Well, with 3 boys I guess campings a must. My 2 boys are going to grow up and then I'll be there too! aaa!

Melissa said...

aahh. But you look totally cute in the picture!

Holly Bee said...

I am actually the one who makes the rest of the family go camping. I love it! Ok, except for the whole bathroom thing, which wasn't such a big deal before the 3 kids.

I made the Ogre take my picture to prove that I really had gone camping!