Monday, May 21, 2007

Adventure! Ok, normal day

I had breakfast with the two little pigs, and Marty and Mel. Marty is my Dad, and Mel is his twin, or Mel is my Uncle and Marty is his twin. Either way, we ate food together in the am, went our separate ways, then ended up having lunch too. I guess that twin sense really does work.

Marty and I dropped Pig 2 off at school, and then went for a walk. You know, a walk so we could just hang out, and talk. Mart pointed out plants, and told me the proper names. I usually went with "pretty" but they were really wild geraniums. We also had fun eye-spying poison ivy. Watch out Portage Moms, I'm gonna hold my lane from now on, you go in the undergrowth.

Did I mention Marty had a kidney donated (little Carter) to him by my brother Carter in 2004. Now Marty is on all these crazy anti-rejection meds which make him get winded quickly.

So I am pushing Owen, and dragging a limping, wheezing guy along. It was fun, I swear. We stopped at a bench to rest, and I heard a noise.

Deep in the forest was a sound like a frightened Ogre escaping from a tick. I saw the trees just behind my head shudder in anticipation of the approaching beast. I was kind of looking forward to seeing my Ogre, and was wondering what he was doing out on a walk while he should be at work. When out flys a big stupid turkey right over our heads.

Now, along with hating mice, and the neighbors dog, birds are my sworn enemy. Like the epic battle between Ogres and Zombies, I wage a battle with birds. No, really, I am always getting attacked by birds. Turkeys, pheasants, orioles. They seek me out. Ride in a car with me, we will be attacked.

After the stress of the bird, half killing my dad with exercise, and Owen needing an emergancy potty break, we went to Barnes and Noble. I got my own copy of Charmed Knits so I could return Carina's before it got much more drool damage. I also picked up Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles.

Yes, I needed a book, and couldn't use the info on the internet. I can't balance my computer, hold needles, swear, have needles dangerously close to my eyes, have computer go to screen saver and then throw computer out of frustration and learn a new knitting skill. It's just too much. But the book, I can throw, which makes me feel better.

Oh, we then had to leave Barnes and Noble rather quickly because I got in a fight with the employee stocking in the children's book area. Something about her being stupid, and me being a bitch. Whatever. I was right, and she was stupid, but it was loud, so we had to leave.

After all this, we decided to grab a late lunch at Panera. A friendly person at the counter asked Marty if there was "like a homeless guy convention going on," and said "dude, that beardy guy could be your twin." Turns out the beardy guy was his twin!


Carina said...

You have the most odd bird encounters, I swear. Maybe they can sense that you're their queen and want to be near you. ;-)

So, what happened at B&N?

Mrs. H said...

Sounds like you had a good day. Well... except for the stupid turkey (ya know they're great with sweet taters and stuffin') and the stupid B&N employee.

And, I too, am very curious about what happened at B&N...

Mind if I add a link to you on my blog?

Holly Bee said...

Link away friend!

I am just going to post my evil ways about B & N :)