Saturday, May 05, 2007

I bike for Cake

Yes, I bike for cake. The one time I tried to ride with the Kalamazoo Bicycle Club I was taunted by other bikers with the phrase "there are snacks when you get back." I hate them.

Since Marty, Alice and I signed up for The Pumpkinvine Bike Ride in June (keep the giggles to yourselves) I thought I should start training for the grueling 10 mile event. Yes, relatively easy flat miles peppered by lovely scenery, a mini pony farm, an Amish bike shop, a round barn, and Pie.

Remember, taunted by other bikers. Need to train. It was also a convenient way to get out of a house full of sick kids. Ok, it's not full of sick kids, but we are up to two sickies now, and the carnage they leave in their wake is amazing.

I remembered to pump my tires, wear my helmet, and wave my fist at the impending rain. I was on a mission of good health, and athletic training.

In the 5 minutes it took to get to Michelle's house, we'll just call her Training for a Triathalon Blonde, I decided not to stop and invite her to join me. Why? Becuase after 5 minutes on my bike I was too embaressed to invite someone to go with me when I had already been pasted by two other bicyclists.

Did the other bikers wave, did they say hi, did they shout "on the left" as a courtesy when they passed? NO! I am not acknowledged by real bikers. I hide my bike shorts under my huge catch in chains and crash sweatpants.

Sad, but determined, here's what got me through my first 5 the tune of The Bear Went Over the Mountain.

I'm biking toward a Mocha, I'm biking toward a Mocha, I'm biking toward a Mochaaaaa, and away from barfing kids!!!!!

It's like the inspirational battle cry for all out of shape bikers.

As I got closer to home, one more bicyclist passed me. Was I angry, mad, upset?

Well, yeah. Those skinny little legs were driving that guy along at like 17 mph. I was going so slow my bike was dificult to keep upright. But does he have pie or cake or a mocha to look forward to? Noper. Probably just low self esteem and weird protein shakes.

As for knitting, I will have plenty of time to finish my Shell Border T while the boys are sick and between cleaning barf.

I love the pattern (hemp for knitting), and the yarn from Dzined is fun to work with, but I am kind of mad. The Dzined lady's website is so stupidly lame, that you can't order through the site, you have to call, and she doesn't update her site. So, I won't buy from her again, and I am irritated that she made me think that she would be (click and scroll down) at the MI Fiber Fest, and so the sweater will probably have to go to charity. Because I am crazy, yes, that's the reason.


trixie stix said...

You should try the Zoo-de-Mac. It's a great bike ride, long but fun.

Holly Bee said...

Thanks for the tip!! It does look fun, actually really fun!

I am going to put that on my list for next year...Marty, Alice, check it out, oh and I want a recumbant bike for my bday, my bum hurts.

Carina said...

But you got out, and you did well, and you had fun. That's what counts more than anything else, right?

Oh, and give the D'Zined lady another chance. Her yarn is sooo pretty. Will she be at Stitches Midwest? I'm thinking of going down with the guild. I could pick you up some.

Holly Bee said...

Nope, the sweater is going to random charity, and I am done.

It is a really pretty sweater though :)