Friday, May 04, 2007

How much is my frig worth?

My frig may not be exactly Al Gore approved, but it will be more energy efficient. Turns out it was leaking water from the freezer. This was happening because the drain line was frozen and that made the freezer think it needed to defrost.

Every 20 minutes my freezer was going into defrost mode. I also discovered it was cooking a package of hamburger to the back of the freezer. The plastic container was all melted to the back of the freezer. Very safe.

So my $400 frig is now a $600 frig. I was told it would never break like that again. I thought, no it won't ever break like that again, and if it does, I will come to your house with my 3 kids and steal your frig. Oh, the kids wouldn't be helping me move the frig, they would be running amok and causing mayhem.

On the home front, actually front yard, the barf smell has floated away. Which is great for us, but really sucks for the neighbors downwind, suckers.

The Ogre has decided that soccer is no longer the sport for him. He's thinking of finding a pick up basketball game. Which in my mind is the Ogre picking up and throwing humans into peach baskets, but I don't think that's really what he meant.

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