Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Here's the D'Zined yarn...

Here is the D'Zined yarn I am working with. It's 55% merino and 45% hemp. It's soft to work with, is making up into a nice fabric and I really like the colors.

I am thinking my gauge is correct for my pattern, and I am using some random needles that brought me to appropriate gauge.

Important update! It looks like she is going to be at the Michigan Fiber Fest!!!!!! Be still my flapping pocket book!! This is from her site:

Stitches East
Midwest Weavers Conference
Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival
Michigan Fiber Festival

Oh, my golly. I am going to be obsessive and email her to confirm her location. I was just pawing through my Mom's Fiber Fest '07 schedule of vendors and I didn't see her listed...

The love of hemp continues...


kristinknits said...

Cool yarn!

Matt mentioned that Mel & Marty love the MFF. Have I told you how found I am of Marty & Alice? I have nicknames for them. Uncle Olive & Aunt Guinness!

Holly Bee said...

Heeheehee!! Uncle Olive and Aunt Guinness! Brilliant!

That's so fun! I knew I liked you!