Friday, May 04, 2007

Currently knit near barf

Yes, that's the temporary name of my blog.

I got a call from Pig 1's school today at 145 saying he wasn't feeling well.

I ran so fast while holding Owen, I popped the button off my favorite million dollar pair of Eddie Bauer slacks. I am not fat. His foot snagged my button while lifting and running. I think it actually dented the car it hit.

I then made new land speed records in the Mazda5 and got to him in about 12 minutes. I felt guilty about the speeding, but I had to get my baby home. That Mazda really kicks in when needed.

At the school Mr Bear (pig 1) was hunched over a garbage can in the office. He was very proud to point out that he made it.

Since I am now a nice person, rather than tipping the barf can over on the way out the door, I tied off the bag while picking Mr Bear up. Yes, I call him Mr Bear, he doesn't like it, but that's his Ogre family name. Also, with that pig being nearly as tall as me, picking him up and tying off a vomit filled garbage bag was quite a feat of balance.

Now the bear is fitfully resting, or you could say periodically barfing, on the blue couch next to my knitting chair. That's where the knit near barf part comes in.

Uh, huh, and you're all getting hand knit items for the holidays. Excited right?

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Carina said...

Oh no!!! Poor Harry, and poor Mama! At least he made it--I had students not make it, and that isn't pleasant. Tell him we're all sending get-better vibes. David says something's going around in Marshall (and also that it's followed by diarrhea and is really, really bad).

And here I was going to tell you that I was joining you in knitting with snot. My head is exploding from it. Ugh.