Monday, May 21, 2007

Cousin Oliver and a list of Characters

Look, I got my haircut, again. I went from just having hair, to Posh Spice's Official fan club haircut, to Sawyer from Lost's doo, to this here. It's what I like to call Cousin Oliver's haircut. Also, I did not knit the sweater. It's from Eddie Bauer. I'd like to knit my own copy of it, but that seems silly.
I meant to post this the other day. The Ogre loves Irises. Last year we didn't have any flowers. He thought storms snapped all the unopened flowers off the plants. Only if that storm's name is Cyrus. So this year our Irises are glorious.

This is the Tuscany Shawl, again. I am still working on it. I tried to start a pair of socks on two circs, got frustrated, smooshed it all up together and slam dunked it into a bag behind my chair. It's now resting next to a 3/4 completed Dread Pirate Sam, several items that need ends woven in, and a small kitten's worth of cat hair.

I ended up knitting away on the shawl and asking Eric to do the math I couldn't do while knitting.

It went something like this...Ogre, what's 16 x 12, ok now remember that number, subtract that from 372, ok, now divide that by 16. 3.5 you say? That's what I got too. Crap that means I have 3 more pattern repeats to go. What's 16 x 3.5?

So, I am really almost done and I learned a valuable lesson. Although I suffer from completing second sock syndrome. Look it up on wiki. I am also not able to get the flipping, twisting of two circs under control enough to make that any less irritating. Magic loop next?

I'll just finish the shawl and then obsess about finding a dress to wear with it.


trixie stix said...

Cute hair cut!

The shawl is knitting up beautifully.

Holly Bee said...

Thanks for the haircut support! I am at odds with my whole head right now.

I really hope I can wear a shawl without it driving me crazy, or feeling foolish.

I just have to remember Stevie Nicks is cool, she'd wear my shawl.

But would Kim Gordon?

Carina said...

I love the hair cut! You look so cute in it! What does Eric say?

The shawl is looking great, btw. I wish mine were as far along. It's gotten sidetracked.

Mrs. H said...

Re: 2 socks on 2 circs... maybe try doing one sock on the circs first (assuming you've not done that yet)... then, when you get the hang of it, try two?

Mrs. H said...

Oh... and I like the shawl. Very pretty. (my mind does not work well in the a.m.)

Holly Bee said...

I am going to defeat the evil of two circs tonight when the pigs are in bed. That's my plan anyway :)

Thanks for all the shawl love :)

Anonymous said...

The haircut looks great! It's cute and should help with the summer heat and pig upkeep.

Melissa said...

pig upkeep. heehee. this blog is my daily dose of humor, I swear.
I like the haircut. I cut my own hair last, and WISH I had a haircut like yours. Omg, I just went to the mirror and decided I MUST have short hair.
I like the shawl. I'd wear one, right now.
Speaking of kitties, the other day I saw a poor helpless grey baby kitten on the rock wall in front of our house. It needed rescuing so I RAN upstairs and basically threw the baby into Papa's arms and said 'there's a baby kitty outside!!!!!!!!'... then I realize, it was a damn squirrel.

Holly Bee said...

From a safe distance, squirels do look all cute and snuggly kitten! Heeheeee

Anonymous said...

An iris bloomed at our house today!! The whole family should come over this weekend to see it! :)