Friday, May 18, 2007

Spring Snot Knit

Front porch flowers

Sucking it in...Hemp Wool T.

Tuscany Shawl

Wonky hat


Carina said...

Your shawl is freakin' gorgeous! Eeeeee! And you are so much further along than I am . . . *sigh* Well, my excuse is that I'm working on my class samples and such. Still, yours is sooooo pretty!

Holly Bee said...

Thanks for saying it's pretty! I think it looks like a pervy swimsuit bottom at this point!

We have until labour day to finish, and it's not even memorial worries.

I am also an obsessive one project knitter.

Batty said...

Carina is right, that shawl is gorgeous. It doesn't look like a swimsuit bottom at all! Happy, colorful summer shawl.

Holly Bee said...

Thanks for the shawl love! I am hoping it turns out pretty. I want to get a dress to wear with it.

Why dress? The Ogre and I are going on a "business trip" next month...